16, Aug, 22

Tens of Unexpected Premium MTG Cards Discovered by Players!

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Article at a Glance

In the wake of the upcoming Wizard’s Presents, the community has become silent, waiting for the impending storm to arise from the event. This should be the case, but between Rosewater’s unexpected spoiler drop, and a vast list of unannounced cards surfacing daily, there’s still much buzz going around before what may be the biggest event of the year. This massive population of unspoiled cards is something that MTG players have never seen before, and the market is incredibly confused. A lot of mystery is still at play here, but we will try our best to update readers with all the new Bonus Slot Secret Lair cards that have been discovered! Keep in mind that, for the most part, these are so fresh that they have not been appropriately priced on the Secondary Market yet.

Shadowborne Apostle

shadowborn apostle secret lair

This recently unearthed Commander staple appeared on Reddit. With the mass amount of Secret Lair exclusives coming out of the woodwork, it is clear now that some of these are very common. Because none of these were spoiled, we have no idea how rare they are. Since it took this long for a Shadowborn Apostle to surface, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was a rarer card.

What makes Shadowborn Apostle uniquely powerful in Commander is that it does not have a restriction on the number of copies in a deck. Consistently is incredibly valuable in a 99-deck singleton format, and having a mass amount of Shadowborn Apostle guarantees some reliability. This isn’t the first time a limitless deck card had a spotlight on it by the Secret Lair Bonus Slot. Persistent Petitioner has seen a wide variety of full-art treatments, but these have been proven to be incredibly rare. Maybe that means Shadowborn Apostle will be too?

thrumming stone

For Commander players considering using their full-art Apostle in Commander, this is a great time to buy in! Double Masters 2022 has reprinted the Apostle and one of its most essential pieces, Thrumming Stone, making these cards incredibly cheap now! Thrumming Stone, in particular, has dropped a whooping $33 since its release! While this doesn’t surprise us, it is great to see how accessible this card is now.

Reliquary Tower

reliquary tower secret lair

This is part of the ‘blueprint’ Secret Lair series we discussed yesterday. It doesn’t yet have an official name, but this is what we’re going with. These are primarily colorless cards that seem to be a bit rarer than the full-art Slivers. Most of these cards have a decent function in either Commander or constructed, giving them slightly higher price tags than their Sliver alternatives. Reliquary Tower is no exception. Any Commander deck that draws a lot of cards may have interest in this card.

Harmonic Sliver

harmonic sliver secret lair

Most of the general Slivers in the Secret Lair bonus slot are not worth much because they are common. Harmonic Sliver may be one of the exceptions. This Sliver comes attached with Aura Shards, a powerful ability that allows you to destroy an artifact or enchantment every time a Sliver enters the battlefield. While this will still mainly see play in Sliver decks, it is a Reclamation Sage on its own, making it a playable option in other Selesnya decks. Just make sure that, if you’re not on Slivers, none of your opponents are either, since this gives ANY Sliver the ability to pop artifacts and enchantments.

Hibernation Sliver

hibernation sliver secret lair

This recently discovered Sliver has the ability to allow Slivers to return to their owner’s hands at the cost of two life. This can allow Sliver players to not get completely blown out by board wipes, which is incredibly valuable. This could be a combo piece in niche corner cases, but it will likely take a ton of setup.

Manaweft Sliver

manaweft sliver secret lair

Here’s another Secret Lair Sliver that may warrant more than a $5 bill from interested parties! This Sliver allows every Sliver (including itself) to turn into a mana dork. This can enable Sliver players to snowball even quicker than usual. While this may have a pretty price tag attached, it may also follow the price trends of the other Slivers. Unlike Harmonic Sliver, Manaweft Sliver is not remarkable outside of a deck with (at minimum) a partial Sliver synergy. On the plus side, Manaweft Sliver does not give opposing Slivers mana dork abilities, allowing you to substitute this for a different mana dork if you need to fill out a 99.

Hedron Archive

hedron archive secret lair

It’s easy to forget about this Battle for Zendikar uncommon when building your Commander deck. Like it or not, Hedron Archive is a pretty good card! Not only does it function as a more expensive Sol Ring, but you can even pitch it for two cards when you no longer need it. I am particularly interested in the blueprints for how to build a Hedron, so I would not mind getting a better look at some of the background details when a better picture is available.

Lavabelly Sliver

lavabelly sliver secret lair

Another Sliver that, for the most part, is only for Sliver decks. We’re not expecting this one to have a huge price tag in the immediate future. This one is still a recent discovery but not as current as other cards on this list. At least Lavabelly Sliver isn’t a symmetrical effect.

This Insane Forest???


Of all the cards spoiled on Reddit by players, this one got the most positive comments regarding its art. This is apparently the bonus slot card in Magali Villeneuve’s Secret Lair, according to Reddit user u/ChaoticNature. Consider this one in your nominations for those looking to add some unique basic lands to their Commander deck.

Tangle Wire

Tangle Wire secret lair

This is a particularly nasty Secret Lair exclusive card that feels a bit out of place compared to the others. Tangle Wire is a Stax effect, one of the most hated strategies in Commander. Tangle Wire slows the game by keeping everyone’s permanents tapped for some time. Fortunately, Tangle Wire will eventually lose its effectiveness as Fade counters disappear. Still, most players that use this card have ways of recycling it and restoring it back to its peak state. Tangle Wire can also tap itself, giving its owner a slight advantage in evading its ability.

Might Sliver

might sliver secret lair

This Sliver will not see play outside of Sliver decks. It is a recently discovered Sliver (from Reddit user u/loxeggcheese)that we do not expect to hold secondary market value in the near future. Sliver players, however, will be ecstatic about this. Finding an interested party may not be difficult if you don’t need a premium Might Sliver.

Eldrazi Monument

eldrazi monument secret lair

This spicy relic Secret Lair can be a potent Commander tool if you have the right deck. Sure, you have to sacrifice some creatures, but any token-generating deck loves an anthem that also makes their creatures gain evasion and indestructibility. This one was discovered a while back, so it already has a price tag of about $15 on the secondary market. Like most of the Secret Lairs that have been priced out, this has significantly dropped from about $30 a few weeks ago.

Sketched Ghost Quarter

Ghost Quarter sketched

This sketched version of Ghost Quarter is the bonus version of Sidhearth Chaturvedi’s Secret Lair. I still have nightmares regarding the Sacred Ground glitch, and this artwork accentuates that perfectly.

Sketched Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

torbran, thane of red fell secret lair

Here’s a new Secret Lair exclusive that Mono Red players can get behind! This Dwarf Noble stacks damage fast, usually ending the game the turn after it resolves in any format! Should you want to find this Torbran, look for those who have opened the Wayne Reynold Secret Lair.

There are More Out Secret Lair Bonus Cards Out There!

We listed a lot of cards here, but there are a lot more to be seen and more to be discovered! This is an excellent promotional idea for the Secret Lair product. Even though many of these exclusive cards do not hold much value on the secondary market, this is an upgrade to the overall development and allows each player to get something exclusive that they weren’t expecting, in addition to some premium cards that they can use to bling up their EDH decks.

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