17, Feb, 22

Street Fighter Secret Lair: Release Date, Pre Orders & More

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It’s not too often that a Magic: The Gathering crossover encapsulates so many players around the world. That’s exactly what has happened with the reveal of the Street Fighter Secret Lair which has fans of the game and MTG utterly hyped.

So, what’s the low down on this latest limited edition product? How can you get your hands on it and when? We’ve got all the answers you need!

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Street Fighter Secret Lair Pre Orders

Following the recent leaks and subsequent official announcement, pre-orders for the Street Fighter Secret Lair will be live from Friday, 18 February through to Friday, 18 March. That’s right, a whole month to secure your copy of this extremely limited drop.

There is no confirmed release date just yet but as the product is being produced as print-on-demand, there may be a gap between pre-orders ending and the official release date. Once we know a little more we will keep you updated right here.

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Will the Street Fighter Secret Lair Be Reprinted?

No. Due to the general limited nature of the Secret Lair drops, there will be no reprinting of these cards once the initial pre-order period is over. Print-on-demand means that there will be enough copies produced to fulfil all orders. This explains why there is also one whole month being given for interested parties to pre-order.

Expect this to be the case for all future Secret Lair drops including the upcoming Fortnite and Warhammer 40,000 collaborations due this year. Wizards of the Coast have pointed towards the collectable nature of the Secret Lair products as a huge success throughout 2021 meaning we should expect much more of the same this year.

Will you be picking up this product or are you waiting for something else later in the year? Let us know over on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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