15, Feb, 22

MTG Teases Upcoming Secret Lair with Stellar New Character Art

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Something that has become more common place in Magic: the Gathering over the past couple years is Secret Lairs. Wizards of the Coast has released some very cool ones, with some awesome crossovers with iconic pop culture and nerd culture titles. There’s a few upcoming ones that we have yet to see anything about until today!


World Renowned Fighting Game Player, Justin Wong, got sent a little care package from Wizards of the Coast yesterday with an exclusive art for one of the cards coming in the Street Fighter Secret Lair!

Justin Wong

As we see in the first image, the packaging is themed as an arcade cabinet, which is super flavorful and a really nice touch. The info card states that there are 4 preview cards that were sent out to creators which is great as well. What’s the main focus though is the art. The Gief is here to play! We see the art of Zangief choke holding a bear, which feels on flavor for the character.

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Ken Masters

Next up we have Ken, which was previewed by Rofflemonger over on Twitter!

Art for this one is also super iconic, with Ken doing a Shoriuken in front of a boat, which is a nice call back to his Stage in Street Fighter, Battle Harbor.


The 3rd one that we have is everyone’s favorite Green guy! No not Hulk, it’s Blanka! This was previewed by Blackneto on Twitter as well!

This one is awesome as well because of it’s vibrant colors and he’s doing his iconic Electric Thunder special.

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There’s one more character that we have yet to see, which will probably drop sometime today, but we also know that there is art for Chun-Li, and I’d also expect that we’ll see Ryu art as well at some point. We know that these cards are going to be mechanically unique, so I’m very excited to see what these cards end up being.

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