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So Many Commander Decks Will Desire This Baldur's Gate Bomb

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Article at a Glance
Threaten and the many iterations of the card are typically horrible in Commander. Temporarily taking control of one player’s creature in a four-person game just won’t cut it. But if you take control of a creature and give it myriad, allowing you to make copies of the creature for each of your opponents, then things go from bad to beyond great. And that’s exactly what the new Battle for Baldur’s Gate card, Firbolg Flutists, does.

Firbolg Flutist

Firbolg Flutist is basically a Threaten-on-a-stick, but WOTC really pushed it to the extreme.

Imagine using Flutist to take control of an opponent’s Sun Titan. When you attack with the original copy of Sun Titan, you’ll trigger its ability. But because Firbolg Flutist gives it myriad, two more copies of Sun Titan will enter play and their abilities will trigger.

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Which Commanders Best Use Firbolg Flutist?

You can stick Firbolg Flutist in just about any Commander deck and it will be pretty good. But there are some Commander decks that will be able to take fuller advantage of Flutist’s unique effect.

Isshin, Two Heavens As One

Myriad is an attack trigger. That means Isshin can double it, creating twice the number of attacking tokens you normally would.

Feather, the Redeemed

You can build a Feather Commander deck in many ways. One way is to combine a variety of flicker effects like Ephemerate with creatures that have powerful ETB abilities. In this shell, Firbolg Flutist fits right in, as Feather will ensure you always have ways to flicker Flutist and retrigger its ability each turn.

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Jaxis, the Troublemaker

Jaxis is another Commander that can use Firbolg Flutist multiple times. Each turn, you can make a new copy of Flutist and steal an opponent’s creature.

Ognis, the Dragon’s Lash

When Firbolg Flutist takes control of a creature, it gives that creatures haste in addition to myriad. When you attack with the original stolen creature, Ognis will create a Treasure token.

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Duke Ulder Ravengard

This new Commander deck is entirely built around myriad. It’s filled with tons of ways to take advantage of the keyword. If you’re interested, I wrote a deck guide for Duke Ulder Ravengard.

Aristocrat Commander Strategies

It’s pretty common in Magic: the Gathering to pair Threaten-effects with sacrifice outlets. That way, instead of giving your opponent’s creature back to them at the end of the turn, you can kill it to gain an additional effect. This makes Filborg Flutist a natural inclusion in any aristocrat-themed deck, whose strategies revolve around sacrificing their own creatures.

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