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26, Oct, 22

These Premium $50+ MTG Cards are a Financial Trap!

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Article at a Glance

The MTG secondary market has been relatively quiet this week. Don’t get me wrong; some strong Commander cards are seeing upticks this week. That said, the more interesting story is the number of premium cards from the Warhammer release that are tanking in price is concerning. If you want to get some shiny premium cards for your Commander deck, you may want to wait. All of these cards are currently seeing a significant downtick in price!

Warhammer Surge Foils

the golden throne

Aside from a few cards that are spiking, a majority of the Warhammer 40K Surge Foil Commander cards are seeing massive drops in price! Pictured above is the most expensive Warhammer single currently available, according to TCGplayer: The Golden Throne. This bizarre artifact offers a combination of a recurrable Black Lotus effect when sacrificing a creature, as well as the ability to give you a second, but generally very temporary, life.

Upon release, the Surge Foil version of this card was valued at around $77. Since then, the Golden Thone has seen a massive drop in price to $53, with signs that this card is going to drop below $50. The price tag here may still be a bit hefty, but this card outlines a more significant price trend occurring with a majority of the Warhammer Surge Foil cards. As a result, the decline is much more reliable than average.

Surge Foil Commanders

marneus calgar

Among the most expensive Surge Foil cards from the Warhammer collaboration are the Legendary Creatures in the set. As is the same with the Golden Throne, all of these are currently seeing a massive downtick in price. Marneus Calgar, for example, is down to about $40 from $65.

be'lakor, the dark master

While Be’lakor, the Dark Master did see an initial spike in price, it is now down from $65 to $35! This price trend is a bit different from the majority of Surge Foils at the moment, so if you’re in the market for this shiny Demon Commander, I would recommend watching its price closely over the coming days because, in my opinion, there is a higher chance of this card finding its price point earlier than the others.

magnus the red

Magnus the Red is another Legendary Creature from the Warhammer Commander series that has seen its price chopped in half since its release. Once $50, this card is now only going for $25.

ghyrson starn

Ghyrson Starn kind of falls out of the mold a bit. At the same time, this card is seeing a decrease in price, it’s only a $5 one. While a reason cannot easily be found in recent market history, the normal version of this card is currently seeing an uptick in price. This card version is seeing a ton of demand compared to other Legendary Creatures in the Warhammer set. This is a fantastic Commander for the ‘pingers’ archetype, which focuses on recurring effects that deal one damage to opponents at a time. Notably, this card synergizes quite well with other cards that are seeing upticks in price from this collection.

magus lucea kane

Of all the price drops available, this one may be one of the most massive. Magus Lucea Kane can be found as one of the alternate Commander available in the Tyranid Swarm deck. This card’s overall price has dramatically dropped from $50 to $20 for its Surge Foil version.

Other Massive Price Drops

blood for the blood god

Blood for the Blood God!, in its Surge Foil iteration, has seen its price sliced since release. Originally going for $50 each, this card is now going for around $30. As is the case with other cards seeing a massive downtick in price, patterns suggest that the card may still be dropping.

vexilus praetor

Vexilus Praetor was a card that had people excited. Giving your Commander Protection from Everything at instant speed almost enables that you’ll be able to take a piece of removal away from your opponent while putting a roadblock in front of players trying to kill your Commander. This card becomes even nastier in decks piloted by cards like Myrkul, Lord of Bones, who can recur the protection effect while making it harder to remove the second time!

This card, at its Zenith, rose to about $66. While now worth about $36, this card is still a very powerful effect in the right deck.

Don’t Buy Surge Foil Cards! (Yet)

celestine, the living saint

While there are a few exceptions to the rule, like Celestine, the Living Saint, which has seen a huge price increase, a majority of the Warhammer Surge Foil cards are seeing massive price drops like the ones showcased above. The reasons for this are likely twofold:

That said, these cards will find a price point after some time passes. In addition, these are part of an extremely limited print run that will likely accumulate value as time passes. The only real hurdles to these cards’ value currently are the cards’ pringling problem and the lack of demand for the singles on the secondary market. Either way, be careful if you’re in the market for these Surge Foil cards!

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