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24, Oct, 22

New Potential $5000+ MTG Cards May be the Rarest Worldwide!?

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What initially seemed like a mild development quickly turned into a massive outlier when Wizards of the Coast announced new promotional cards for the return of Eternal Weekend in 2022. While the cards themselves are only a little exciting, they become a big deal once you’ve read the details. These cards are only being offered to those who manage to top eight in a Legacy or Vintage Championship. This means that there may only be 24 copies of each of these cards in existence. While this has not been confirmed, early information makes it look that way.

The Rarest MTG Cards in the World

viscera seer

While we gave $5000 as an estimate, chances are these cards will actually go for much more. We’ve already seen what a limited print run can do to an MTG card’s price.

When discussing the release of serialized MTG cards being released in The Brother’s War, a Secret Lair experiment was brought up from its earlier stages. This mirrored Viscera Seer, as numbered on the card, which only had 100 copies released worldwide. Recent listings on TCGplayer and other sites suggest that this card is going for as much as $5000 right now. The two new cards will be even rarer than this one, with only a quarter of the copies being available. If the multiplier scales with copies of these cards, they could be worth $20,000 each! That is a life-changing amount of money!

Legacy Championship’s Ponder

Those lucky enough to top eight in a Legacy Championship event will receive this Ponder. Only three different tournaments are happening worldwide for this. Two are in-person events, and one is online on Magic Online.

Vintage Championship’s Gush

Because there are only three tournaments for each of these cards, and they are only being rewarded to the top eight, it seems like only 24 copies of these cards will be printed. The flavor texts also have the championship number on them, so even if they are reprinted in a similar fashion, these specific promos will be uniquely marked.

Both Ponder and Gush are incredibly powerful in their own right. These cards show up on our Top 10 Best Blue Card Draw list, and they have entirely changed the structure of the formats they are legal in. Ponder, in particular, already has rare copies worth hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

How to Participate in 2022’s Eternal Weekend?

If you want to take a shot at these insanely rare cards, three different events are available worldwide for each card.

The first event is being held in Aichi, Japan, on the weekend of November 26 by BIG Magic. Dubbed the Asia Eternal Weekend, these two trophies will also be up for grabs for those lucky enough to win these events. While a link has been provided for more information about this tournament, it seems that it is currently unavailable to the public at the time of writing this article.

On the weekend of December 9, Titan Games will be hosting North America’s Eternal Weekend in Philadelphia. This means that astute gamers could potentially attend both events. As is the case with Asia’s Eternal Weekend, exclusive trophies are available for each event’s winners. You can learn more about this event here.

Unfortunately, for European MTG fans, a scheduling conflict moved their Eternal Weekend onto Magic Online. These two trophies will be available to those lucky enough to win those events. This event is a bit unique compared to the others in that we already have a lot of details about it. Entry for this prestigious occasion is only 20 Event Tickets or 200 Play Points (about $20), which is fantastic for the prizes up for grabs. This event will also occur on the weekend of December 9th, starting at 4 am EST for European players’ convenience on December 10. While most MTGO offerings of Eternal Weekend have included All-Access passes in the past, this particular event will not be a part of that promotion. Players may want to sign up sooner than later, as there is a player cap of 672.

You can find more details on this event here. Best of luck to all who choose to participate! You can find more information on MTG’s 2022 Eternal Weekend here.

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