26, Apr, 22

This OP Commander Gained the Most From Streets of New Capenna

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Article at a Glance

As if Korvold, Fae-Cursed King, weren’t strong enough already, the Dragon Noble gained many new toys from Streets of New Capenna. This is a massive boost to the Commander, providing him with new avenues for deckbuilding and exploitable synergies.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King | Wizards of the Coast

Korvold makes the most out of sacrificing your own permanents. While this is typically a counterproductive practice, the Fae-Cursed King lets you draw a card every time you sacrifice something from your battlefield.

When building around this ability, you can take several directions. You could gravitate toward an aristocrat strategy that focuses on sacrificing your own creatures for benefit. But Korvold’s ability isn’t restricted to sacrificing a specific type of permanent; you can draw cards from things like Treasure and Food tokens too.

Treasure Synergies with Korvold

Treasure is abundant in New Capenna, and for Commander purposes, many of the new Treasure cards are within Korvold’s color identity. Treasures are perhaps the best type of permanent to pair with Korvold because they sacrifice themselves to produce mana. But with Korvold on the field, each time you sacrifice a Treasure, you draw a card.

Bootleggers’ Stash is insane in Korvold Commander decks since each land effectively triggers the Fae-Cursed King. Professional Face-Breaker has its own unique ability that sacrifices Treasure. and Hoard Hauler makes Treasure every time it hits an opponent.

Sacrificing Blitz Creatures

Blitz is a new alternate casting cost for creatures. A blitzed creature enters the battlefield with haste but you must sacrifice it at the end of your turn. With Korvold in play, this isn’t such a bad thing as you’ll draw two cards–one from Korvold and one from the blitzed creature.

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Casualty Synergies

Although casualty is actually the Maestro family’s mechanic, it works extraordinarily well within a Riveteer-colored Korvold deck. You can sacrifice creatures to copy spells with casualty.

Riveteers Ascendancy

If you play a high creature count in your Korvold deck, then Riveteers Ascendancy makes a good impression of Scrap Trawler, returning previously sacrificed creatures to your battlefield.

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Korvold Outside of Commander

Besides Commander, Korvold is actually a staple of Jund Sacrifice decks in Pioneer. This deck repeatedly sacrifices Cauldron Familiar to Witch’s Oven, dealing damage in the process with Mayhem Devil or drawing tons of cards with Korvold.

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