27, Apr, 22

This New Commander Staple is on the Same Power Level as Smothering Tithe!

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Article at a Glance

In Magic, the color white is not known for its ability to draw cards are mana ramp, the two most important abilities when it comes to the Commander format. Wizards of the Coast promised to address white’s lackluster presence in Commander going forward. And in Streets of New Capenna, they delivered on this promise BIG TIME with the card Smuggler’s Share.

Smuggler’s Share

Smuggler’s Share is like a fusion between Smothering Tithe and Rhystic Study, two long-time Commander staples. It is both a source of card draw and mana ramp. And like the aforementioned cards, Smuggler’s Share makes your opponents think twice about getting too far ahead.

With Smuggler’s Share, if an opponent draws too many cards, you’ll draw too. And if an opponent puts too many lands into play, you’ll gain mana in the form of Treasure tokens.

While these abilities seem preventative, in that they keep you from falling too far behind, they are actually quite exploitable. You even use them to get ahead of your opponents depending on how you build your deck. Regardless, Smuggler’s Share is a worthy inclusion in just about any Commander deck playing white, and I anticipate Smuggler’s Share to become a format staple.

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Making the Most of Smuggler’s Share

Although Smuggler’s Share can (and arguably should) be played in any white Commander deck, there are a few ways to make capitalize on Share’s abilities.

**I must emphasize that the following cards are not needed to make Smuggler’s Share good. It is good on its own. Instead, think of the following cards as neat tricks you can pair with Smuggler’s Share.**

Make Opponents Draw with Wheels

Wheel of Fortune and other “wheel” effects make the most of the first ability on Smuggler’s Share. If you force each of your opponents to discard their hands and draw seven cards, you’ll draw an additional three cards at the end of your turn with Smuggler’s Share.

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Howling Mine Effects

Another way to make your opponents draw extra cards is Howling Mine. Howling Mine forces each player to draw an extra card at the start of their turn, meaning Smuggler’s Share is guaranteed to trigger on each opponent’s end step.

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Ramp Everybody

You can even tip the scales toward making Treasure with Smuggler’s Share. With cards such as Veteran Explorer and Collective Voyage, you can tempt your opponents with some free lands. But if they fall for the bait, Smuggler’s Share will trigger and make a Treasure.

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