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New MTG Shockland Secret Lair Previewed on Weekly MTG

Weekly MTG previews the 'Culture Shocks' Secret Lair drop which features shock lands.
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On yesterday’s Weekly MTG episode, Chris Peeler and Adam Styborski revealed the five Culture Shocks Secret Lair drops, featuring the ten shocklands with brand new art.

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Shockland Secret Lair Drop Revealed

The Culture Shock drop is the final installment of the Dr. Lair’s Secretorium Superdrop, that also includes the Full-Text Lands drop, Our Show Is On Friday Can You Make It? drop, and the Showcase: Strixhaven drop.

Seeing these shocklands may not be a surprise to some as these surfaced on Magic Online last week along with the Showcase: Strixhaven drop. The shocklands are split into five collections based on the shards within Magic: The Gathering – Naya, Grixis, Bant, Esper, and Jund.

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Where Can I Pre-Order Culture Shocks Secret Lair?

You can pre-order the Culture Shock Secret Lair drops from April 26 to May 28 on the official Secret Lair website. You have the option to pick up Bant, Esper, Grixis, Jund, or Naya for $29.99/€34.99/£29.99 each and only come in non-foil.


It’s worth noting that to collect at least one of each shockland, you’ll need to purchase one set of every shard as each one contains a land unique to it. Called the Supershock Bundle, you can purchase the complete set of shock lands for $119.99/€129.99/£119.99

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