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17, Aug, 22

New Dominaria United Art Looks Spectacular!

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Article at a Glance

With Dominaria United’s release date looming closer and closer, Wizards of the Coast has been revealing more and more details. While the start of the Dominaria United spoiler season is still a day away, WotC has given us something else to enjoy: Art. Featuring throughout the recent Building Worlds video, Dominaria United is already looking utterly spectacular. The art we’ve seen is more than just interesting, as it gives us a glimpse into the set ahead of spoiler season.

Dominaria’s History Realized

While lands may not be the most mechanically exciting cards in Magic, they are arguably the most important. This isn’t just because they tap for all necessary mana. Magic’s lands are also significant in showing the setting of a plane. As Sam from Rhystic Studies explained in the Building Worlds video, “lands have helped define the visual identity of Magic’s many planes. These illustrations communicate a setting’s primary narrative mood, from the haunting swamps of Innistrad to the vibrant and swirling islands of Kaladesh, basic lands ground players in these fantasy worlds and set the stage for the story’s main events.” 

This is no different in Dominaria United, as the lands and their art are used to tell the story of Dominaria. For example, in the Plains by Johannes Voss, we see a stunning vista from when Karn first returned to Dominaria. In this scene, Dominaria is still filled with life. However, it is also nonetheless marked by its history of compelling artifacts. This theme is spread across much of Dominaria United’s artwork since this is a plane steeped in so much history. 

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
Sheoldred, the Apocalypse | Dominaria United

Debuting with the quote “Gix Failed. I shall not.”, Sheoldred is back. As one of the five Phyrexian lords, it appears that Sheoldred is leading the Phyrexian fight in Dominaria United. With a millipede-esque body that coils over the landscape, it certainly looks like Sheoldred is apocalyptic in both name and nature. 

Beyond looking exceptionally devastating, it’s unclear how Chris Rahn’s fantastic art will translate mechanically. From their name and imposing nature, we can only imagine that Sheoldred, the Apocalypse will be a game-ending threat for black decks to utilize. Similarly to Sheoldred’s past outing as Sheoldred. Whispering One we can’t imagine they’ll be cheap.

The Weatherlight

The Weatherlight is one of the most important symbols in Dominaria. As an icon that the Dominarian people can rally around, The Weatherlight is far more than its strength as a vehicle. Naturally, this means it’s quite an important weapon and tool against the Phyrexian invasion. So what does Phyrexia do? Compleat it, of course.

While The Weatherlight is still looking its usual healthy self in Dominaria United’s Board the Weatherlight art, it may not stay that way for long. Appearing in concept art by Jehan Choo and a Swamp’s art from Seb McKinnon, the days of The Weatherlight appear numbered. Whether The Weatherlight can weather the storm and survive this Compleating remains to be seen. From the art we’ve seen, there’s no telling if the Phyrexian Weatherlight will be its own card.

Argivian Base

Argivian Base may not be the most impactful of the artworks shown off during the Building Worlds video, but if you ask me, it’s definitely one of the coolest. Appearing with several variations from artist Chase Stone, the Argivian Base is a stunning layered city that can fold into itself for defense. Minas Tirith, eat your heart out. 

Alongside being just the coolest design for a base, the Argivian Base also highlights the Argivian culture. As a fusion between Dominaria’s past Bulduvian and Kjeldor cultures, the Argivian Base showcases how Dominaria has come together since our last visit. Mechanically, we imagine Argivian Base is either a land or an Artifact. However, we have no idea what it’ll do. 

Braids, Arisen Nightmare

Braids, Arisen Nightmare
Braids, Arisen Nightmare | Dominaria United

After appearing on the box art for Dominaria United, all the way back in May of this year, it’s no surprise to see Braids officially in the set. Wielding some exceptionally powerful magic, Braids has undoubtedly had a glow-up for her appearance as Braids, Arisen Nightmare. This glow-up is all the more impressive since Braids is returning from a brief stint of being unequivocally dead. Braid’s resurrection is even depicted in another Dominaria United card, Braids’s Frightful Return. As a saga, Braids’s Frightful Return gives us a glimpse into just what brought this crazed conjurer back. 

Following Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty’s lead, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Braids, Arisen Nightmare as a double-faced Saga. While this would neatly combine the Saga of their resurrection, and their new form, this is, admittedly, a wild guess. However, Braids, Arisen Nightmare’s appearance highly suggests that it will be a black creature.

Citizen’s Arrest

Citizen's Arrest
Citizen’s Arrest | Dominaria United

Depicting a man in serious need of some paracetamol for his splitting headache, Citizen’s Arrest showcases the tumultuous tensions of Dominaria. With Phyrexian sleeper agents starting to emerge and be discovered, the peacetimes on Dominaria appear to be at an end. After all, if the Phyrexian menace can convincingly Compleat anyone, who can you trust anymore? 

For gameplay design, we’re wildly speculating that from the art and name Citizen’s Arrest, this will be an imprison spell, probably in white. Ultimately, however, that is very much a guess, and we won’t know the details of this card until it’s spoiled. 

But Wait! There’s More! 

Alongside what we’ve already highlighted here, the Dominaria United Building Worlds video has plenty more stunning art to enjoy. The footage also dives deep into the lore of Dominaria to get you up to speed on its history. If you want to watch the video, we’ve embedded it below for your convenience!

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