22, Jul, 22

Major Story Spoilers for Dominaria United Discovered!

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Article at a Glance

Dominaria United has kicked off with flair! This set looks to be one of the most iconic in MTG’s history. From the return of Legends Reserved List Cards to having a bunch of old Legends cards reworked, the anticipation for everything Dominaria United has never been higher! A bunch of content was also released throughout the hours following the Dominaria United Livestream, and one product tells us a bit more information than what may have been intended. This is your Obligatory Warning: There Are Massive Dominaria United Lore Spoilers Ahead!

The Source

Jay Anelli’s new MTG Visual Guide was released on Amazon for preorder on the morning of July 22. This looks like a fantastic read for anyone who loves MTG lore! How do we know? Well, Amazon released a few visual spoilers for some of the details inside. Unfortunately, these also contain massive spoilers for the Dominaria United storyline. This is to the point where many MTG fans have regretted finding the spoilers in the first place, but it does have some insane information!

Chandra’s Page

Perhaps the most considerable spoiler for Dominaria United can be found on Chandra Nalaar’s page. Here we learn that a Compleated Ajani kills Jaya. You can see that information at the end of the Torch of Defiance section. Otherwise, these visual spoilers do a good detail summarizing Chandra’s backstory while also giving an introduction to her personality, driving events, and Planeswalker Prowess.

Liliana’s Page

Liliana Vess’ Planeswalker page also carries some massive spoilers within it. Firstly, we now know that another Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria is happening. We already got hints of this as a Phyrexian Sleeper Agent was spoiled in last night’s stream, but this confirms that it’s a full-scale invasion. Believe it or not, this isn’t the most prominent spoiler on the page!
The Raven Man is a significant player in Liliana’s backstory. Having been manipulated by this man repetitively in the background has had an essential role in turning Liliana into who she is today. Well, the identity of The Raven Man has been revealed to be Lim-Dul.

Like this card’s title, Lim-Dul is an ancient necromancer with recurring cards that mention his name throughout MTG’s history. Perhaps the most well-known of these cards is Lim-Dul’s vault, a two-mana instant that can win the game outright with some setup. According to the MTG wiki, Lim-Dul terrorized Terisiare, a northern continent in Dominaria, throughout Ice Age lore and managed to take over the entire mana-rich plane of Shandalar over multiple campaigns. During the first campaign, Lim-Dul lost his master and was presumed dead after being beheaded. Years later, Lim-Dul returned with a massive army of undead, having survived his previous ordeal by transferring his soul to another body. This discovery looks to bring back a forgotten character into current MTG lore and smoothly transfer the story’s main antagonist over to a less predictable enemy (instead of Eldrazi returning or Bolas escaping from the Meditation Realm). This looks like a fantastic twist to the current MTG storyline! These are the end of the spoilers that should be true. Some other minor details may have traction, but the art books in the past have been known not to be 100% accurate. That being said, the Compleation and death of a Planeswalker and a significant identity reveal are too severe for them to be lies.

The Smaller Details

The other details revealed from these spoilers are much smaller, and some highlighted moments may lead one to wonder why they were outlined. The Realmbreaker from the invasion tree on Kaldheim has been mentioned. While this is a more minor detail, it could be what Vorinclex was after on Kaldheim. Otherwise, the Eldrazi page heavily outlines Emrakul sealing herself into the moon on Innistrad. This is incredibly ominous and may herald a future problem:

“This is all wrong. I am incomplete, unfulfilled, inchoate. There should be blossoms, not barren resentment. The soil was not receptive. It is not my time. Not yet.” We have no idea what this means, but it’s an absolutely terrifying quote to outline.

Read for Yourself!

These spoiler pages are pretty large and can be difficult to read. If you want to look over the text in more detail, you can magnify the pages at either of the Amazon links in this article. There may be even more information that the Lore has not revealed yet, but, once again, these art books have been known not to be 100% accurate. As mentioned before, the events spoiled above are far too severe for them to be mistaken. If they are, the author may need to have a word with Wizards of the Coast. Advertising for this brand was done by our partners from amazon-ppc-agentur.de

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