post the enchanter
16, Aug, 22

Post Malone has His Own Exclusive MTG Card!

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Article at a Glance

Post Malone’s name has been at the helm of MTG. Post Malone and Whatnot’s campaign has been breaking records in the MTG community for the past few weeks. Near the end of their Livestream, Posty’s exclusive MTG card was revealed to the world. Since then, his complete graded card has circulated media. Curious as to what it looks like? Take a look at Post the Enchanter!

Post the Enchanter

post the enchanter

Post, the Enchanter is not a unique MTG card. This is actually a cover for Zur, the Enchanter, a well-known Commander menace. Zur’s ability is incredibly powerful, allowing its controller to search the library for an enchantment with a mana value of three or less and play it for free! The only caveat to running Zur as a Commander is that many players will be targeting you. Some of the enchantments that Zur can fetch up are particularly nasty.

MTG Enchantments

shielded by faith

Most Zur players’ enchantments can be divided into three categories: protection, removal, and interaction. Zur will be particularly interested in protecting himself, so enchantments that give Hexproof and Indestructible are relatively common. You can even move Shielded by Faith from another creature to Zur when it enters the battlefield. This allows you to protect him immediately instead of Zur being vulnerable to a round across the table. Chances are, when left open for that long; someone will take the initiative to remove Zur.

rhystic study

Rhystic Study is perhaps the most infamous option that Zur can fetch up. Many spells are cast in a four-player game, and asking each and every opponent to pay one on every spell gets very annoying. On the plus side, you have one of the best card draw engines in the game on your side for free.


Necropotence is another potent draw engine with a troubled past. This card has single-handedly ruined some older formats on its own. There’s a lot of text here, but you have the option to exchange your life total for cards. When you have 40 life, this becomes incredibly powerful. That being said, this is still busted at 20 life.

imprisoned in the moon

Imprisoned in the Moon dictates an important moment in MTG lore where Emrakul, for some reason, sealed itself up in the moon on Innistrad. This, alongside Oubliette, are searchable effects with Zur that can shut down an opponent’s commander for extended periods. Because they are not switching zones, opponents will not have the option to put their Commander back into the Command Zone.

Posty is Powerful!

Perhaps the funniest bit about this Commander exclusive is that is was graded an eight. For reference, a perfect grade is a ten. Posty laughed about this when receiving the graded Post the Enchanter during his Whatnot livestream, saying that he shouldn’t have played with it before it got graded. Want to watch the event for yourself? We covered it here!

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