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15, Jul, 22

MTG Market Trends are Crazy! This Sale can Help!

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Article at a Glance

TCGplayer has been doing a monumental amount of work in the MTG community. They recently acquired content giant ChannelFireball, and are following up this news with the best MTG sale we’ve seen recently! All TCGplayer subscribers will receive 10% Bonus Bucks on ANY product they purchase on the site before 9 PM US EST today! That’s not a lot of time, so we’ll quickly update you on the hottest MTG products right now!

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Box

double masters 2022 collector booster
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We’ve been warning readers about the looming price spike for this product, and it’s finally starting to hit. Over the past few days, Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Boxes have risen from $250 to $320. Trends indicate that if current patterns remain, these boxes will surpass $400 in just a few weeks. For those who want to get in on this speculation before it happens, using the TCGplayer Bonus Bucks Sale can help offset some of the increase that has already happened! These boxes are ripe with premium editions of popular MTG cards whose treatments aren’t likely to see another future reprint. Don’t let the four packs in a box scare you away! These are skyrocketing for a reason!

Innistrad Double Feature Booster Box

innistrad double feature

After knocking our last speculation out of the park, hopefully, we have your attention. This is undeniably the most questionable product that Wizards of the Coast has released this past year, but it’s also one of the most significant financial opportunities! Unlike other sets, Wizards did not print a premium Collector version of the Silver Screen art cards featured in this reprint. This means that foil multipliers for this set are HUGE! The Meathook Massacre, the star card in the recent Innistrad sets, has both variations from this box for a premium. The current market median has the non-foil version for $61, with successful listings selling for between $50 and $65. The foil version, however, has a current market median of $250 while selling for anywhere between $230 and $280! Even this set’s more common foils follow the same trends. While this box still has a bit of a premium compared to other Innistrad options, two Rares in each pack PLUS a guaranteed foil (which is where your value is at) gives a tempting financial potential. Of all the products listed, this is the hottest take. Use this MTG Sale to jump on it!

Double Masters 2022 Singles

imperial seal

Unlike the colossal rise of the Collector Booster, Double Masters 2022 singles are seeing a massive downtick in price. This is partially due to premium versions of these cards being incredibly overpriced during spoiler season. That being said, with the rise of the Collector Boosters, premium cards are slowly starting to creep back up!

A general trend in the MTG community surrounding reprint sets is that cards will initially plummet in value, then slowly gain their original value over time. We are currently in the valley created by a flood of products on the market. Now is the time to take advantage of these low prices. Imperial Seal, the chase card for this set, saw the most significant price drop. Alongside it, here are a few other singles we recommend:

Textured Foils

kozilek, butcher of truth

Textured Foils are expensive, yet I am speculating about using this opportunity to snag some up. Why? With the recent rise of Collector Booster prices, doesn’t it make sense for the chase cards of those products to rise as well? A lot of what’s fueling the rise in price for these boosters is the worrying trend that indicates that the initial print run for these may disappear quickly. If supply is confirmed to be an issue, Textured cards will have a field day. What may be $250 right now could surpass $500 in just a few months!

Fan Favorites

force of negation

If you’re in the market for Force of Negation, this is a great time to pick some up. Unlike some of the other Double Masters 2022 reprints, this is not expensive because of supply. Force of Negation sees play in every single format that it’s legal in. The absurd demand for this card should make it a good investment.


forbidden orchard

This single is much less expensive than the other cards on this list. This is partly because Forbidden Orchard was expensive because of a lack of supply. That being said, this has a great spot in Commander. Being able to add one mana of any color is far worth the exchange of giving an opponent a spirit. With the right politics, maybe you can make that spirit work for you too!

There’s Much More to See with this MTG Sale!

These are only some of the products we recommend you look at to take advantage of TCGplayer’s 10% Bonus Bucks sale. There’s a lot more to see, so consider giving the site a look for yourself. This is an excellent opportunity to find any singles you’ve been missing for your Commander or Constructed decks. Remember that this MTG sale is only on for today, so get on it quick!

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