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13, Jul, 22

This Failed MTG Product Might Actually be a Goldmine!

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It’s no secret that Wizards of the Coast has been creating more products than ever for Magic: the Gathering. In their experimentation, lots of weird products have been released. While some have been accepted with great vigor, like Set Boosters introduced in Zendikar Rising, others have fallen flat. Well, the product that had the biggest flop this year may actually end up being a hidden goldmine of value! Innistrad Double Feature may be the weirdest yet most valuable MTG product ever made!

Remember Innistrad Double Feature?

This one was the weirdest of all the products that Wizards of the Coast released. It feels like this product was initially supposed to add new cards to the game as an incentive to purchase it, but that plan got lost somewhere along the line. The result was a product that combined two already-released Standard sets that didn’t have much value. The only special thing about these cards is that they all have unique art… that is very difficult to see. These boxes still have a bit of a premium, so the initial value may not be too high. That said, as time passes, this may be the best financial investment that MTG players can make!

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Foil Multipliers are HUGE!

the meathook massacre

This is one of the few products in recent times that did not have a premium foil product released alongside it. While there are cheaper foil alternatives to the regular art versions of these cards, the foil versions of chase cards with the Silver Screen art are pretty rare. Teferi, who Slows the Sunset, is only worth $3 for its non-foil iteration from this set. Its foil version, however, is worth $53! This pattern remains for EVERY card in the set! Even some commons that see fringe play like Otherworldly Gaze or Play with Fire are worth $6-8. If you’re lucky, a foil The Meathook Massacre from this set will run you $210, more than the price of the whole box! Every pack in these boxes has a foil, so you’re guaranteed to hit something nice!

No one Wanted it

stormcarved coast

Disregarding whatever happened behind the scenes with this product, the release was undeniably a flop. This resulted in very little of the set being printed. Since there aren’t a ton of copies out there, the value of these cards are likely to go up over time (more so than other releases). The only downside is that you may have trouble selling these cards off. While everything has some value right now because of Standard, only the cards that have value in other formats (even Commander) are going to retain the premium value associated with a rare printing.

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Box Prices will Multiply!

graveyard trespasser

Given a few years, these boxes will likely be costly. As a unique failed product line, Wizards of the Coast probably won’t do something like this again. We already see substantial foil multipliers on these cards because of how rare those printings are. I wouldn’t be surprised if these boxes’ prices multiplied in two years. These rare collectibles may become very sought-after as an incredibly unique MTG product.

This Product is for Investors

If you want to open a sealed product to get cards to play with, this is not for you. You can already find cheaper alternatives to getting these cards in larger volumes. The Double Feature product only has 24 packs per box (but it does have 48 guaranteed Rares) compared to the standard 36 for Draft Booster Boxes. For someone patient, however, this investment looks incredible. The products like these that get skipped over but show signs of financial value can end up paying dividends in the future. Got some pocket change to burn? Buy one of these and sit on it. Chances are, you’ll be delighted when the price jumps!

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