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Best New Capenna Cards For Pioneer

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Article at a Glance

As the Pioneer Pro Tour approaches, there is a renewed interest in the format. With all the new attention, the Pioneer metagame has begun to change and adapt. But it’s about to change further with the release of Streets of New Capenna. Here are the top 10 New Capenna cards for the Pioneer format.

10) Extraction Specialist

5-color Humans is already an established archetype in Pioneer that leverages Collected Company to put creatures like Reflector Mage and Mantis Rider into play at instant speed.

Extraction Specialist fits right into this strategy. It can even do some dirty tricks by returning Thalia’s Lieutenant from your graveyard to play.

9) Gala Greeters

A few Pioneer decks like Naya Winota and occasionally Jund Sacrifice already use Prosperous Inkeeper. But I think Gala Greeters is better in a lot of situations.

Innkeeper gives you a Treasure token immediately but you are capped at just one Treasure. On the other hand, Gala Greeters can make more than one Treasure over the course of several turns. Gala Greeters also has the ability to gain life and can grow in size. In decks like Naya Winota, this could be a big upgrade to Innkeeper.

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8) Endless Detour

Do not underestimate the versatility of Endless Detour. It’s comparable to Aether Gust, (although not limited to the colors red and green) in that Endless Detour can soft-counter spells on the stack and tuck permanents from the field back to the deck.

But Endless Detour has yet another mode. It can even put cards from a graveyard on top or bottom of its owner’s library. You can use this to stack a key card from your own graveyard on top of your library before you draw. But you can also use it in against opposing graveyard strategies. For example, you can tuck a Parhellion II in your opponent’s graveyard in response to the trigger of their Greasefang, Okiba Boss.

7) Fatal Grudge

Fatal Grudge | Wizards of the Coast

Rakdos Sacrifice is one of the most popular decks in Pioneer at the moment and Fatal Grudge fits perfectly into the archetype. You can pay Fatal Grudge’s additional cost by sacrificing Oni-Cult Anvil‘s Construct tokens and Anvil will replace that token.

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6) Void Rend

Pioneer doesn’t have many Vindicate-style effects that can answer every type of permanent. By Void Rend makes a great impression of Vindicate. It can’t hit lands. But it can still kill planeswalkers, creatures, artifacts, and enchantments. And your opponent can’t counter this. This makes for premium removal in Esper Control decks.

5) Giada, Font of Hope

As a standalone card, Giada is a two-mana 2/2 creature with flying and vigilance. That is an absurd rate! But Giada doesn’t stop there. You can tap her to add mana for your Angel spells, ramping into creatures like Lyra, the Dawnbringer. And she even pumps your other Angels with +1/+1 counters. This is exactly what Angels needed to be competitive in Pioneer.

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4) Tainted Indulgence

Tainted Indulgence | Wizards of the Coast

Who doesn’t want to draw two cards for two mana? Sure, you sometimes have to discard a card, but in certain strategies like reanimator, discarding a card can be a good thing.

And for some reason, WOTC made Tainted Indulgence instant speed, allowing you to hold up your mana and let your opponent guess as to whether you have Tainted Indulgence or Drown in the Loch.

3) “Triomes”

Pioneer does not have access to fetch lands such as Windswept Heath like Modern does. But even though you can’t fetch Triomes out of your deck in Pioneer, many Pioneer decks use the original Triomes (Raugrin Triome). The New Capenna Triomes will follow in suit.

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2) Charms

Similar to Endless Detour, the main appeal of the New Capenna Charm cycle is each card’s versatility. Take Obscura Charm for example. It can reanimate multicolored permanents from your graveyard, counter instants and sorceries, or destroy creatures or planeswalkers.

1) Ob Nixilis, the Adversary

The new Ob Nixilis is at its best in Pioneer. You can curve a Turn 1 Llanowar Elves into a Turn 2 Rotting Regisaur into an Ob Nixilis with Casualty 7.

But “Mob” Nixilis is still good even if you don’t build your deck around instantly using his ultimate ability. Ob fits into several existing New Capenna decks like Rakdos Sacrifice.

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