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Well, This New Capenna Card is Just Silly Good!

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Professional Face-Breaker, from Streets of New Capenna, will be one of the best cards from the set for Commander. Even though the set isn’t out yet, I want to call this a format staple. It is simply that good. And it fits in a large array of decks.

Professional Face-Breaker

Face-Breaker does it all. It generates both mana and card advantage. Really, what more could you want out of a Commander card?

Wizards of the Coast has been pushing the boundries of Treasures with cards like Goldspan Dragon, Xorn, Academy Manufactor, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, and many more cards. And Professional Face-Breaker makes all of those cards better because it can trade the Treasure those cards make into cards from the top of your library.

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Did Dockside Extortionist Really Need This Treasure Buff?

Dockside Extortionist | Wizards of the Coast

The most notorious Treasure-maker in Magic: the Gathering is by far Dockside Extortionist. The Goblin Pirate took the Commander format by storm when it was first released in the Commander 2019 deck, Mystic Intellect.

As Commander is built upon cheap artifacts like Arcane Signet and Sol Ring, and generally plays more enchantments than any other format such as Smothering Tithe and Rhystic Study, Dockside often hits the battlefield and makes between 4-8+ Treasures.

Now, thanks to Professional Face-Breaker, Dockside can now net you mana in the form of Treasure and gives you a burst of card advantage too. With all the recent Treasure buffs, Dockside could push the limits of acceptability.

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Best Commander Decks For Face-Breaker

Professional Face-Breaker goes in a wide range of Commander decks. Pretty much any aggressive deck that consistently attacks with creatures benefits from the extra mana Treasures provide.

But there are three main Commander decks that make extra use of Professional Face-Breaker, taking the card to the next level:

By far, the best deck to play Professional Face-Breaker in is Prosper, Tome-Bound. The entire deck revolves around amassing Treasure and casting cards from exile. Face-Breaker is right up this deck’s alley as it can sacrifice a Treasure to exile and cast the top card of your library, and when you do, Prosper will replace the Treasure you sacrificed.

Magda loves Treasure. This Mono-Red Commander deck already generates stockpiles of Treasure tokens whenever its army of Dwarf creatures becomes tapped. Professional Face-Breaker serves as an alternate Treasure payoff to Magda and generates additional Treasure to fuel Magda’s tutor ability.

With Galazeth and Face-Breaker on the battlefield, Treasure tokens basically get two abilities. Galazeth can tap your Treasures for mana, and Face-Breaker can still sacrifice the tapped Treasure to cast cards off the top of your library.

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