17, Apr, 22

Best New Capenna Cards For Modern

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Article at a Glance

A large variety of Modern decks gain new cards from Streets of New Capenna. The set introduces new infinite combos, efficient draw spells, and excellent mana fixing. Here are the top 10 New Capenna cards for Modern.

10) Riveteers Charm

Riveteers Charm has a diverse set of abilities. You can use it as a removal spell, instant-speed graveyard hate, or, most importantly, as a pseudo-draw three cards. This is a typical sideboard effect that is good enough to play in the main deck.

9) Void Rend

Vindicate already sees some play in the sideboards of Esper Reanimator and Control decks. Void Rend gives these decks an uncounterable version of Vindicate. It can’t hit lands like Vindicate can, but it’s better against other control matchups.

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8) Scheming Fence

This card reminds me of Pithing Needle and Meddling Mage.

Scheming Fence can name any mana dork on the field such as Birds of Pradise, stripping that creature of its ability while Scheming Fence gains it.

But Scheming Fence can also nullify planeswalkers and various popular artifacts in Modern such as Mishra’s Bauble and Colossus Hammer.

7) Vivien on the Hunt

Vivien can find everything you need to create an infinite-creature combo. The combo uses Felidar Guardian, Karmic Guide, and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and you can expedite the combo with Planebound Accomplice . If you’re interested, I wrote an entire article about this combo: This New Capenna Planeswalker is a Spin on an MTG Classic With a Crazy Combo.

5) Professional Face-Breaker

I think Professional Face-Breaker is the Fable of the MIrror-Breaker from Streets of New Capenna, as it is a seemingly generic midrange threat that can fit into decks across Magic formats. Face-Breaker will likely see the most play in Commander, but Modern decks such as Humans, Obosh Red, and other red-based aggro decks will also play the card.

5) Obscura Charm

In my opinion, this is the best Charm from New Capenna. All of its effects are quite good and cover a wide range of applications. You can play Obscura Charm as a reanimation spell, or save it to counter or destroy your opponent’s spells and creatures.

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4) Tainted Indulgence

Tainted Indulgence | Wizards of the Coast

Drawing two cards for two mana is well above average. You might have to discard a card with Tainted Indulgence, but in Modern, that can be a good thing. Nor is it too difficult to satisfy its graveyard threshold.

The best part about Tainted Indulgence is that you can play it at instant speed. Hold up one blue and one black mana and your opponent won’t know if you have Tainted Indulgence or Drown in the Loch at the ready.

3) Ob Nixilis, the Adversary

While it may not be quite as good in Modern compared to Pioneer because of Modern’s higher power level, the new Ob Nixilis is still absurdly good.

If you attack with Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, you can cast Ob on Turn 2 with the extra casualty cost. Putting two planeswalkers into play on the second turn of the game is absurd!

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2) Luxior, Giada’s Gift

As soon as players saw Luxior, they immediately recognized its combo potential with Devoted Druid. Together, these cards can produce infinite mana by Turn 3. And if that weren’t enough, Urza’s Saga can tutor your deck for Luxior and put it directly on the battlefield.

1) “Triomes”

Okay, so these lands are not actually called Triomes. But they are like Triomes from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (such as Raugrin Triome), only with shard color combinations instead of wedges.

Many Modern decks play the original Triomes. Because they have basic land types, fetch lands such as Windswept Heath can find them from your library.

With access to all possible three-color color combinations now, all three-color decks now have access to their on-color Triomes. And other decks previously using Triomes, like 4-C Money Pile and Indomitable Creativity decks, can more fully optimize their mana bases.

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