12, Apr, 22

This New Capenna Planeswalker is a Spin on an MTG Classic With a Crazy Combo

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Article at a Glance

Vivien on the Hunt is an exciting new planeswalker from Streets of New Capenna with great potential in formats like Standard and Pioneer. But with access to a few older cards in either Modern or Commander, Vivien can singlehandedly launch an infinite-damage combo!

Vivien on the Hunt

Vivien has a well-rounded set of abilities. She makes big, 4/4 Rhino tokens and can draw handfuls of creature cards. The Rhinos are perfect for protecting Vivien and applying pressure on your opponents. And if you build around her +1 ability, you can drown your opponents in card advantage.

But her best ability is the one reminiscent of Birthing Pod, and it is this ability that you can use to assemble an infinite combo.

How To Go Infinite With Vivien

Before I dive into how Vivien’s new combo works, I first want to mention Planebound Accomplice:

Planebound Accomplice | Wizards of the Coast

You don’t necessarily need Planebound Accomplice to perform this combo, but it helps kickstart this combo by putting Vivien into play early. Normally, Vivien on the Hunt costs six mana to cast. But with Planebound Accomplice, you put Vivien into play for a single mana.

Plus, Planebound Accomplice is a creature with a mana value of three which is a requirement for this combo to work.

You only need two things to create infinite creatures: both Vivien on the Hunt and a three-mana creature in play. Let’s assume that the three-mana creature is Planebound Accomplice as it is the best way to expedite this combo.

  1. Activate Planebound Accomplice to put Vivien on the Hunt into play.
  2. Use Vivien’s +2 ability, sacrificing Planebound Accomplice to search your deck for Felidar Guardian and put it into play.
  3. When Felidar Guardian’s ability triggers, target Vivien on the Hunt, exiling it and returning it to the battlefield.
  4. Because Vivien reentered the battlefield, you can use her +2 ability again. This time, sacrifice Felidar Guardian to put Karmic Guide from your deck into play.
  5. When Karmic Guide enters the battlefield, use its effect to return Felidar Guardian from your graveyard to the battlefield.
  6. Repeat step 3, resetting Vivien.
  7. Use Vivien’s +2 loyalty ability to sacrifice Felidar Guardian and put Kiki-Jiki, Mirror-Breaker, from your deck onto the battlefield.
  8. Activate Kiki-Jiki, to make a copy of Karmic Guide.
  9. Repeat step 5.
  10. Use Kiki-Jiki to make a copy of Felidar Guardian with haste. Each copy of Felidar Guardian can exile Kiki-Jiki and return it to the battlefield untapped, ready to use its ability again. Repeat this an infinite number of times to make infinite copies of Felidar Guardian with haste. Then attack for the win!

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More Birthing Pod Fun

Birthing Pod effects are a classic archetype in Magic. There are a variety of Birthing Pod-type effects available in the game and I wrote an entire article dedicated to them, discussing the pros and cons of the various Pod decks in Commander.

Vivien on the Hunt can make an amazing inclusion to any of the decks I mentioned in that article, as each copy of Pod-like cards increases the consistency of those decks.

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