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Best MTG SINGLES to Buy From the Spirit Squadron Commander Deck

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Article at a Glance

Spirit Squadron is a preconstructed Commander deck headed by the ghostly good, Millicent, Restless Revenant. The deck has some awesome, new-to-Commander cards, and some much-appreciated reprints.

But maybe you don’t want to spend $35.00 on the whole deck. Maybe you just want a few choice single cards. That’s fine! Here are some of the best single cards you can buy from the deck!

Best New Card to Buy From Spirit Squadron

Donal, Herald of Wings

This is the Volo, Guide to Monsters of flying tribal, and at the time of this article, Donal is only $1.00+. Making copies of your flyers can double up on “enters the battlefield” (ETB) abilities like Panharmonicon. But you can also double up on your Selfless Spirit‘s and Consecrated Sphinx‘s.

Donal, Herald of Wings, is perfect for flying commanders like Inniaz, the Gale Force or Kangee, Sky Warden.

But Donal can make a great Commander on his own. You can evoke Mulldrifter to draw four cards. Or play Peregrine Drake to untap ten lands. Or get an extra Glen Elendra Archmage to counter an opponent’s spell.

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Storm of Souls

Storm of Souls is a fantastic mass-reanimation effect in mono-white. You can get every creature back from your graveyard at once. And although your creatures come into play as 1/1 Spirits, they do maintain all of their abilities.

This is a great inclusion for Commander decks like Teysa, Orzhav Scion or Nethroi, Apex of Death which focus on putting creatures in the graveyard.

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Disorder in the Court

Disorder in the Court is an interesting “blink” effect with many applications. (Blink refers to abilities that exile a creature and put it back into play, often used to retrigger ETB abilities.) This spell can blink as many creatures as you have mana. And in addition to retriggering the ETBs of all of your creatures, you get a Clue token for each creature.

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Best Reprints to Buy From Spirit Squadron

Swords to Plowshares

Wizards of the Coast

Not much needs to be said about Swords to Plowshares. It’s one of the most powerful removal spells ever printed. It is a staple in Legacy and Commander. Now it’s back, but this time with beautiful new art by Jesper Ejsing.

We can never get enough reprints of Plowshares. It’s played in so many Commander decks, so it’s important that its price stays low. And at the time of this article, this copy is selling for about $1.50 on TCGPlayer.

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Kami of the Crescent Moon

Wizards of the Coast

Kami of the Crescent Moon is Howling Mine on a spirit body. This classic Kamigawa spirit was $5.00 before it was reprinted in Spirit Squadron. Now you can pick up a copy of Kami for less than $1.00!

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Hallowed Spiritkeeper

Wizards of the Coast

This was another pricey card before it was reprinted. Hallowed Spiritkeeper was $5.00 but now that it’s been reprinted in Spirit Squadron, it is available for about $1.00.

Hallowed Spiritkeeper is played in a variety of Commander decks beyond just spirit decks like Millicent, Restless Revenant. It’s particularly great in sacrifice decks like Teysa Karlov, Extus, Oriq Overlord, and Kykar, Wind’s Fury.

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