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Best Cards to Buy For Eruth, Tormented Prophet in Commander

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Article at a Glance

Do you smell the oncoming rain? Do you feel the cold drafts of air and hear the leaves quivering around you? There’s a storm approaching and Eruth, Tormented Prophet is its harbinger.

Eruth, Tormented Prophet

Eruth is a glass cannon. Anytime you’d draw a card, you instead exile the top two cards of your library and you may play those cards until the end of the turn, but only for that turn. That means if you don’t have the mana to play those cards, they are gone forever.

But, if we build our deck to maximize the upside and minimize the downside of this effect, Eruth can serve as an insanely powerful draw engine for a Storm Commander deck.

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Making a Storm Deck

“Storm” in Magic: the Gathering refers to a type of deck whose goal is to cast as many spells as they can in a single turn. There are three things we need in order to successfully “storm off”.

  1. Mana-producing spells to keep the engine running
  2. Card-drawing spells to make sure we have enough gas
  3. Payoff spells to go for the kill

Cantrips (a.k.a. draw spells)

There are tons of draw spells in Magic: the Gathering like Serum Visions, Brainstorm and Consider. All of those cards will work great in an Eruth deck. But Eruth has the opportunity to play some uniquely greedy draw spells that you don’t always see in Commander.

Control of the Court & Goblin Lore

On average, if you pay two mana for a draw spell, you can expect that spell to draw you a single card, maybe two. What about two mana to draw eight cards? That’s so above rate that it’s almost unheard of in Magic: the Gathering.

Both Control of the Court and Goblin Lore allow you to draw four cards and randomly discard three, which typically isn’t the best effect outside of old Hollowed One decks in Modern.

In combination with Eruth, however, Control of the Court and Goblin Lore go from being card-neutral filtering effects, to crazy card advantage spells, allowing you to play the top eight cards of your library until end of turn.

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Mana Ramp & Cost Reduction

Ritual Spells

Ritual spells refer to Magic cards that give you a burst of mana, (e.g. Dark Ritual). These cards are a classic inclusion in many storm decks as they give you the mana needed to keep casting spells.

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Birgi, God of Storytelling

Compared to ritual effects which give you a one-time burst of mana, Birgi can repeatedly give you mana for every spell you cast. Birgi will help you snowball multiple spells in a single turn, as it effectively discounts every spell you play by one red mana.

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Storm-Kiln Artist

Storm-Kiln Artist
Wizards of the Coast

Here’s another way to consistently produce extra mana. Storm-Kiln Artist works similarly to Birgi, but instead adding red mana to your mana pool, Storm-Kiln Artist produces Treasure tokens for ever spell you cast. In many situations this is more useful, because you don’t have to storm off in one turn; you can keep your Treasure tokens around to add to your total mana the following turn.

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Goblin Electromancer & Co.

All of these creatures have one thing in common: they all reduce the casting costs of our instant and sorcery spells. This is a staple effect in any Storm deck.

In a way, cost reduction effects like Goblin Electomancer can be even better than traditional mana ramp effects. If you cast three spells in one turn, Goblin Electromancer essentially produces three mana for you.

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Winning the Game

Great, so we can draw through the gist of our library and produce enough mana to keep casting spells. But how do we actually win the game, instead of just spinning our wheels?

Aetherflux Resevoir & Sentinel Tower

With every spell you cast Aetherflux Resevoir will gain you more life, and Sentinel Tower will deal more damage. These are perfect payoffs for a storm deck looking to chain a bunch of spells together in a single turn.

These artifacts even work if you’re in the middle of “storming off”. Let’s say you’ve cast 20 instants and sorceries by the time you draw into Sentinel Tower. After you cast Tower, the following spell you cast won’t just deal one damage. Sentinel Tower will count every spell you cast during your turn, even if Sentinel Tower wasn’t on the battlefield when you cast them. That means, to play out our example, the next spell we cast will deal 21 damage!

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