20, Feb, 24

MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Breaking News Cards Leaked!

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Article at a Glance

With tons of spoilers being previewed, it’s no surprise that MTG Fallout is getting a lot of attention. We’ve seen a plethora of new spoilers as well as a bunch of spicy reprints previewed today alone. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other cards set to be revealed in the coming days.

While players focus their attention on MTG Fallout, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight some intriguing information about Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Supposedly, plenty of new details about collecting Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards have been unexpectedly leaked. In addition, some extra context with regards to the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Precons seems to have been leaked, too.

Of note, this information was attained from a Reddit post with a link to a source that appears to have since been deleted. As such, we don’t have clear proof of legitimacy when it comes to the details provided and it’s possible some tidbits are completely fake. For those who would prefer to wait for an official announcement, consider this your spoiler warning! Now, without further ado, let’s start by sharing some potential intriguing changes to the structure of Outlaws of Thunder Junction booster packs.

Breaking News Cards?

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker

It appears as though play boosters are getting a bit of a revamp with Outlaws of Thunder Junction. While each pack is guaranteed to contain 14 MTG cards and one token/ad or art card, it’s actually possible to open as many as five rares in a play booster. In Murders at Karlov Manor, the most you could open in one pack was four. So, what changed?

Most notably, every play booster for Outlaws of Thunder Junction will contain a Breaking News card. These cards will all be reprints, debuting new artwork and a unique news-style treatment that showcases the spell in question as a crime. While it’s not entirely clear from this description, based on the fact that one Breaking News card reprint shows up in each play booster, there’s a good chance that these cards could function as part of an unannounced bonus sheet for the set.

Wilds of Eldraine featured the last bonus sheet, exclusively highlighting Enchantments of varying rarity. An Outlaws of Thunder Junction bonus sheet in a similar fashion would also explain the chance of opening a fifth rare, since Murders at Karlov Manor didn’t have a bonus sheet.

Interestingly, though, there’s supposedly also a 20% chance of opening a special card from MTG’s history, with less than a 1% chance of opening a mythic borderless Planeswalker. Players can even find new full-art Lands in 16% of boosters. It’s unclear if these “special cards” are associated with the Breaking News cards in some way, since those only show up in a fraction of play boosters. For now, things are a bit of a mystery, but the presence of Breaking News cards sounds quite intriguing.

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Collector Booster Distribution

Leaked Outlaws at Thunder Junction Bundle
Leaked Outlaws at Thunder Junction Bundle

Along with play boosters, Breaking News cards can also appear in collector boosters. Every collector booster comes equipped with at least three Breaking News cards, as well as six alt-border cards. Every collector booster comes with five rare/mythic rare cards, five uncommons, four commons, and one full-art Land in all packs.

Further, in less than 1% of collector boosters, you can find a textured foil Breaking News card. The new textured foil treatment is exclusive to collector boosters. As you can see, collector boosters, while pricier, do come with some nice bonuses in comparison to play boosters.

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commanders

Most Wanted

Beyond just information about the main set, it appears we also get some clarification on the potential contents of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander decks. Recently, we covered the four Commander deck boxes, which were also leaked. While we could make some educated guesses by interpreting the artwork and brief descriptions on each box, it was difficult to know for sure who the characters were that represented each Commander deck.

Obviously, given that this information was leaked, we still don’t have definitive confirmation. However, these leaks did potentially reveal these MTG characters. Of the four Commander decks, two seem to feature characters whose namesakes appear in the titles of previous MTG cards.

First, we have Olivia Voldaren representing the Most Wanted Mardu Commander Precon. For those hoping for a strong Mardu Vampire Commander besides Edgar Markov, perhaps you may be in luck. Next, we have Gonti, originally appearing in Kaladesh as Gonti, Lord of Luxury. Now, Gonti will represent the Sultai Grand Larceny Commander deck.

The other two Commander decks, Desert Bloom and Quick Draw, feature seemingly new characters Yuma and Stella, respectively. While we await more hints about these characters, the brief description associated with Yuma has a lot of players hyped. In the artwork on the Desert Bloom Commander deck, there appears to be a small Cactus. Supposedly, Yuma’s life has taken on new meaning now that he has to take care of this baby “cactusfolk.”

Given the general Wild West vibes from the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set, it makes sense that various cards would focus on Deserts. Well, what better way to highlight Deserts than with cactus Creatures? It’ll be interesting to see if this leaked information will be officially revealed in the near future, but for now, we shall continue to await further previews on what looks to be a dazzling set.

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