26, Feb, 21

Wizards Of The Coast Gets New Logo and Look Amidst Hasbro Shakeup

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In a landmark news day for both Wizards of the Coast and its parent company Hasbro, the Magic: The Gathering publisher debuted a new logo and a redesigned website today.

The new Wizards of the Coast logo

This brand refresh comes as Hasbro announced a reorganization of the company during their livestreamed 2021 Investor Event. According to Hipsters of the Coast, Hasbro now comprises three divisions: Consumer Products, Entertainment, and Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming.

Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons will continue to be developed by WotC. Meanwhile, Consumer Products will oversee Hasbro’s traditional games and toys. Finally, the Entertainment division will handle projects like Netflix Magic: The Gathering show.

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Wizards of the Coast's previous logo

Hasbro had run WotC as a separate company, known as a subsidiary, since the toy giant acquired Wizards in 1999.

Huge News Day For Wizards of the Coast

In case you’ve missed an important announcement coming from WotC today, we’ve got you covered:

Time Spiral Remastered previous have begun, with the set’s White cards spoiled today. You can find out which of your favorite content creators have previous here.

Meanwhile, WotC also announced that they will explore direct-to-consumer channels.

Finally, in what is probably the most exciting and controversial news to come from today’s Investor Event, Magic: The Gathering will release a series of tie-ups with other media franchises. Lord of the Rings and Warhammer 40K mashups will usher in this new year of Magic design and marketing.

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