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17, Jan, 24

Wizards Finally Explains Bizarre MTG Clue Crossover!

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To kick off 2024 with a bang, Murders at Karlov Manor has it all. Not only is this upcoming set dripping with flavor but it’s also loaded with new products and monumental changes. Between Play Boosters, the massive MTG ARG puzzle, and a bizarre new Clue crossover, Wizards isn’t holding back.

Now that Murders at Karlov Manor’s spoiler season has officially kicked off, details about all these elements are flooding in. This is excellent news in the case of Ravnica: Clue Edition, as this MTG product has otherwise been a total mystery. While clearly defined as Magic’s Clue crossover, players have been left wondering about some fundamental details.

For starters, as usual, Wizards has done their best to keep the new cards from Ravnica: Clue Edition under wraps. While an unfortunate leak has scuppered this plan somewhat, spoiler season should still have some gems. Alongside this major detail, players have been bizarrely left wondering about how to actually play this new supplemental MTG game.

Thankfully, now that spoiler season has started, it seems we finally have answers to some of these burning questions.

Clues About Playing Clue Edition

Ravnica: Clue Edition Key Art

At long last, Wizards of the Coast has finally revealed how to play Ravnica: Clue Edition once it launches. This was explained during the Weekly MTG that immediately followed Murders at Karlov Manor’s jam-packed debut livestream. While this is great news for fans of Magic and Clue, unfortunately, some pieces of the puzzle are still missing.

As we’ve known for some time, there are two major ways that you can win Ravnica: Clue Edition. The first of these is by simply playing MTG and eliminating your opponents the good old-fashioned way. While this is all well and good, there’s also a mystery that can be solved, just like in Clue. If you solve this mystery, you win, no matter what the board state looks like!

Exactly like in Clue, each game has a murderer, weapon, and location that MTG players must figure out. This deadly trio is determined at the start of the game by drawing from a deck of Evidence Cards. After this happens, the rest of the cards are dealt out to players, so all the information is in play.

To figure out the information, players can ask questions to a player after dealing combat damage with a creature. Just like in Clue, these questions have to be answered honestly, so the mystery can actually be figured out. By attacking enough opponents and asking the right questions, you should be able to figure out the missing cards.

If you work things out, if you can make your guess to hopefully win the game. If you don’t thankfully, you’re not eliminated yourself. Instead of outright losing the game, guessing wrong simply means that you can’t guess again. So, if you want to win, you’ll have to get aggressive and fight for that win! 

New Clue Cards and Commanders

Mastermind Plum

Unfortunately, as helpful as the explanation from WotC’s Mike Turian is, there are still some mysteries. It’s unclear, for instance, if Evidence Cards are shuffled into each player’s deck, and what happens if there are less than four players. Hopefully, these details will be revealed over time, ideally before the product is fully released.

Until that time comes, thankfully, there are still plenty of new details about Ravnica: Clue Edition to enjoy. For example, alongside the general gameplay being revealed, Wizards also debuted a few new spoilers to admire. 

To kick off these spoilers, Mastermind Plum is the latest, but probably not the greatest, killer card. Capable of slowly generating Treasure Tokens, attacking with Plum probably isn’t the best idea. Thankfully, however, their second ability more than makes them worth playing. Providing card draw and damage for each spell cast with a Treasure Token, Plum should be a great addition to Treasure-focused decks. 

Lavinia, Foil to Conspiracy

Alongside Mastermind Plum, Wizards also revealed Lavinia, Foil to Conspiracy. Similarly boasting some competency in Commander, Lavinia will work great within spellslinger decks. Rewarding you for casting multiple spells each turn, Lavinia could net you a mountain of Clue Tokens. Through their second ability, Lavinia can even help mitigate the substantial cost of cracking your Clues to draw cards.

Unlike Mastermind Plum, Lavinia is one of the 20 new rare cards found within Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters. Complimenting these new rares, there are also ten new uncommon cards that can be found. So far, only one of these upcoming uncommon cards has been spoiled; Undercover Butler. As a sometimes unblockable creature, Undercover Butler should be great for getting your burning questions answered.

A Novel New Twist

Undercover Butler

At the end of the day, Ravnica: Clue Edition is essentially a new twist on Jumpstart with a few added quirks. While this is hardly going to become a staple release, hopefully, it should be pretty fun to play. At the same time, hopefully, some of the product’s cards will be pretty interesting and see some Commander play.

At the moment, only ten of the set’s cards have been officially revealed, with one having been leaked for good measure. With 51 main cards, Shock Land reprints, and other reprints too, this means there’s plenty to still see. These cards will all be revealed throughout the Murders at Karlov Manor spoiler season, so keep your eyes peeled.

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