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17, Jan, 24

MTG's New List Hides Exciting Reprints and Arena Additions!

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For better or worse, Murders at Karlov Manor is changing a whole lot of things. This is all thanks to the introduction of Play Boosters. Replacing both Draft and Set Boosters, this brand-new pack supposedly offers the best of both worlds. While this sounds all well and good, multiple major changes are being made.

Much to the delight of many MTG players, one of the biggest changes is happening to The List. Rather than being a bloated assortment of reprints new and old, this Set Booster feature is being dramatically cut down. Slashed from 300 cards down to just 50, The List is now a refined collection of reprints. Found within Play Boosters, The List cards are legal in Draft, should you find one.

As if this wasn’t enough of a shake-up already, the introduction of Play Boosters means The List is coming to MTG Arena. Delivering new reprints to the game with each MTG set, this feature could be a massive boon. That will be the case, at least, provided Wizards doesn’t change things around too much…

While this is a disheartening possibility, there’s good news for Murders at Karlov Manor. Not only is MTG Arena getting some surprise much-needed reprints, but the Special Guests are coming too. This new sub-set of cards features new art, stunning flavor, and value galore, once again exciting fans!

To put it lightly, The List is looking absolutely spectacular Murders at Karlov Manor!

The List 2.0

Ranger-Captain of Eos

Following swiftly on from Murders at Karlov Manor’s debut livestream, Wizards has revealed the latest version of The List. Thankfully, this reveal isn’t nearly as daunting as before, thanks to it being significantly cut down. That being said, however, there’s still an awful lot to cover thanks to the scale of the changes.

As was expected upon Wizards’ initial announcement, a lot of the chaff from The List has mercifully been cut. While this sounds like good news, Wizards hasn’t left all the best bombs alone, as they’ve been cut too. Replacing these cards, The List is now full of Ravnica and murder-mystery-themed reprints.

Since cards on The List can now be found within Play Boosters, this flavorful move is undeniably a positive. The question remains, however, how is The List’s value looking after being struck down in size? Thankfully, still pretty good! 

At the new top end for The List, we now have Ranger-Captain of Eos, at $32. Having never been reprinted before, this new variant could be a godsend to bring the price down. Taking a large step down, Mass Hysteria and Worldspine Wurm are only worth around $9. Below this, only a few cards like Molten Psyche are worth $5 ish before prices plummet.

Ultimately, only a handful of cards are capable of paying for a pack, so there’s no shortage of Draft chaff. While this may seem rather dire, it’s worth remembering that the list is considerably smaller now. As a result, the lack of bombs may seem disappointing, but there is still a good percentage of them. At current prices, 15% of The List’s cards are worth around the $5 mark. 

Special Guests Are Spectacular

Murders at Karlov Manor Special Guest Cards

To date, we may have only seen 28 Special Guests, however, there’s no denying how good they look. This was true for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, and it’s certainly true for Murders at Karlov Manor. With each card playing into the set’s aesthetics and themes, these cards are an utter joy to behold.

On their own, this detail is sure to make these cards desirable, especially since many of them see consistent play. Gamble and Fabricate, for instance, are both fan-favorite tutors in Commander. Alongside this, Crashing Footfalls is a true competitive staple within Modern.

For better or worse, while each of the new Special Guests looks utterly gorgeous, unfortunately, they’re not all super expensive. The majority of Special Guests aren’t worth even $5, however, there are some exceptions. Typically selling for $21 each, Show and Tell and Field of the Dead are true value bombs!

While these cards may be what many players are hunting for, as reprints, these cards may be rather naff. As Special Guests, these cards are going to appear within 1.56% of Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters. Should all things be created equal, this means there’s a 0.078% chance of finding any specific card.

Technically, since countless Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters should be opened, these reprints could still work. Chances are, however, that past precedent will continue. Looking back the Special Guests from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan’s barely moved the average pricing needle. In fact, the new variants of these cards are actually more expensive in most cases!

Ultimately, while Special Guests may not be the best reprints for MTG, there’s no denying they’re a great addition to The List. Hopefully, every set’s cards can continue to impress.

MTG Arena Get It All! Almost…

Smugglers Copter

As mentioned previously, for the first time, The List is coming to MTG Arena. Delivering a bounty of new reprints, there’s definitely a lot for Arena players to look forward to. Unfortunately, however, not every card is new to Arena, and some cards are being swapped out. This means that Murders at Karlov Manor Limited isn’t exactly 1:1 between MTG Arena and paper.

While the digital discrepancy is a concern, The List for Murders at Karlov Manor still brings a lot of good. On The List itself, 17 of the 40 reprints are brand-new additions to MTG Arena. For the most part, these won’t see play, however, there are some great cards in here too. Brawl players, for instance, should be delighted to see Monologue Tax is finally coming to Arena.

Alongside this Commander favorite, Mass Hysteria, Kuldotha Rebirth and Ixidor, Reality Sculptor are all great additions. As interesting as these cards are, however, they’re nothing compared to the real prize draws that MTG Arena is getting. Bizarrely, MTG Arena is unexpectedly getting a major Pioneer staple!

Thanks to the opportunity The List now provides, on MTG Arena, three cards are being swapped out. Rather than getting Death Cloud and two needless reprints, Arena players are getting three brand-new cards. Within this trio is the hugely requested addition of Smuggler’s Copter.

Following the recent bans in Pioneer, the popularity of Smuggler’s Copter has absolutely exploded. In fact, right now Smuggler’s Copter is used in the format’s second most popular and powerful deck. Since Explorer is meant to be parallel to Pioneer, the omission of this card was quite a glaring fault. Thankfully, it has now been fixed.

Long Live The List

Monologue Tax

For both MTG Arena and paper players, The List for Murders at Karlov Manor looks seriously strong. Hopefully, this trend will continue long into the future, with The List providing plenty of fun, flavor, and value. For MTG Arena players, hopefully, The List can be an alternative to future Anthology sets, however, that might be wishful thinking.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that The List is part of Play Boosters now. As a result, Wizards of the Coast will have to balance The List’s cards around Limited. Alongside this, the refined version of The List is meant to be more flavorful, with fewer random and unexplained inclusions. For better or worse, due to this, players might not have all their hopes and dreams come true.

Even with this in mind, it seems that The List is a great addition to Play Boosters. Whether or not these supplemental cards will play nice, however, remains to be seen. For that, we’re just going to have to wait for the set’s official launch, which isn’t until February.

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