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6, Dec, 23

Premium Shock Lands Announced for New MTG Clue Game!?

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To end the year with an almighty bang, yesterday, Wizards broadcast the First Look for Murders at Karlov Manor. Revealing new cards, plenty of Ravnican reprints, and card treatments galore, players certainly had a lot to digest. Players even had to wrap their heads around Play Boosters once again, since they’re, quite literally, changing the game.

With so many new reveals, Murders at Karlov Manor already looks like a massive deal, but Wizards didn’t stop there. To make the upcoming mystery-themed set that much more special, Wizards is collaborating with Hasbro once again. Taking cues, and the murder weapons, from Clue, Wizards has created the brand new Ravnica: Clue Edition.

Launching alongside the main set, Ravnica: Clue Edition seems to offer a new way to play MTG. That is the theory, at least, as the set is still shrouded in a rather apt layer of mystery. What we do now know, however, is that there will be new cards, fantastic reprints, and an entirely new way to play!

Clue’s Characters Are Coming to MTG!

Senator Peacock

As a Universes Beyond MTG set, the cards in Ravnica: Clue Edition, are unsurprisingly incredibly flavorful. Reimagining the characters, rooms, and weapons from Hasbro’s iconic murder mystery game, the new cards are utterly unmistakable. The new cards even use Clue’s font for extra crossover points, which is certainly a unique look…

Odd font choices aside, the new cards within Ravnica: Clue Edition sadly aren’t all too exciting, so far. Currently, only four of the set’s 21 new cards have been revealed. Out of these, none look like they’re going to impact the metagames of Magic’s eternal formats in any meaningful way.

Luckily for Clue-loving MTG fanatics, while the new cards aren’t format-breaking, they are at least interesting. The new Senator Peacock introduces a rather enticing effect that turns all Artifacts into Clues too. Additionally providing a buff whenever sacrificing a Clue, Senator Peacock has some decent Commander, and combo, potential. 

Commander Mustard

White Senator Peacock may be the best of the cards we’ve seen, there are more accolades to give. Commander Mustard, for instance, is the blurriest new spoiler by far. Providing Soldiers you control with a trio of buffs, this new Commander option certainly has some value. Unfortunately, however, Commander Mustard and their rather useful ability don’t come cheap, so they won’t become the go-to Soldier Kindred choice. 

Dining Room | Lead Pipe

Outside of the new Commander options, Ravnica: Clue Edition also features the game’s iconic board pieces. The Dining Room in Clue, for instance, has become Dining Room. Providing a similar ability to Havengul Laboratory, albeit with more fixing, this card is a natural fit in Clue Typal Commander decks. The same is true of Lead Pipe, which is an interesting, albeit pretty basic, new Equipment.

Shock Lands as Box Toppers?!

Hallowed Fountain | Steam Vents

As if new mechanically unique MTG cards weren’t enough, Ravnica: Clue Edition has another trick up its sleeve. To celebrate this set’s namesake plane, Wizards is reprinting all ten of the Shock Lands, first seen on Ravnica. With each card receiving a foil printing with exclusive new art, these reprints are certainly rather enticing.

As we gave away in this section’s subheading, the reprinted Shock Lands are only appearing as Box Toppers. One of these can be found in every Ravnica: Clue Edition box, which sells for $70 on Amazon. In theory, since there will only be one Box Topper per box, these reprints could be rather pricy.

While there is certainly the potential for fairly high prices, Ravnica: Clue Edition isn’t the only place Shock Lands are appearing. In early 2023, Ravnica Remastered will also feature all ten Shock Lands, within the main set, no less. Due to the expected print volume of Ravnica Remastered, this could seriously tank the value of these iconic lands.

Currently, on TCGplayer, the most expensive Shock Land is Breeding Pool. Typically selling for around $17, this land certainly isn’t exactly cheap right now, but, again, that may change soon. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hallowed Fountain, is the cheapest Shock Land, costing only $7.50.

Unfortunately, considering the launch of Ravnica Remastered and Ravnica: Clue Edition are months out, we can’t predict prices yet. That being said, however, it seems these sets are the best of both worlds. If all goes to plan, Ravnica Remastered will make Shock Lands significantly more accessible for all players. Meanwhile, Ravnica: Clue Edition should create a new collectible option for players looking to bling out their decks.

A New Way to Play MTG?

Ravnica Clue Edition Box

While we’ve seen a few of the new cards and reprints from Ravnica: Clue Edition, that’s not all it has to offer. The gameplay, for instance, is a talking point all on its own. Aptly offering a hybrid of Magic: The Gathering and Clue, Ravnica: Clue Edition doesn’t play like a normal MTG set. Exactly how it does play, however, is still a mystery at this moment in time. 

From what little information has been released, Ravnica: Clue Edition seems to fuse Jumpstart’s gameplay with Clue’s deduction. This means that players will shuffle together two “Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters” before doing battle with each other. While this seems straightforward enough, there’s also a layer of deduction that will be happening at the same time.

On the Wizards Play Network website, Wizards states “There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing.” While this sounds very fun, currently, it’s unclear how you complete the first objective and solve the murder mystery. Considering each box includes an evidence notepad and case file envelope, the gameplay may be very similar to Clue. Unfortunately, however, there’s no telling exactly how the rules will work just yet. 

Despite the uncertainty around the rules, Ravnica: Clue Edition should hopefully be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Whether or not this will be the case, however, remains to be seen, as we admittedly don’t know a lot yet. Thankfully, we should be finding out more soon, specifically on the 14th of January, 2024. 

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