5, Feb, 21

Will Modern Ever Come To MTG Arena?

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Will we ever see the rise of Modern on MTG Arena?
Article at a Glance

With MTG Arena now available to download on mobile, we’ll be seeing vast swathes of new players, both to MTG in general and just to Arena, coming into the game.

As numbers boon, so does the profitability of the game, and that means we can hope for a little more from the developers.

One of the biggest things a lot of people are hoping for is to see other formats.

Aside from Commander, the format most people want to see is Modern, so will Modern ever come to MTG Arena.

Will Modern come to MTG Arena?

While things looked very bleak indeed for older formats in MTG Arena, things have turned around recently.

The first sign of this was Kaladesh Remastered, but it’s not the only sign as you can see in this article.

“This is a long-term commitment that will eventually lead to additional format support beyond Standard and Historic.”

While the article on names Pioneer, it does say that it’s “one of the formats that we’re working towards,” which certainly seems to suggest we could well see Modern one day in MTG Arena. Of course, it’s probably not going to be any time soon.

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When could this happen?

While Wizards are no doubt hard at work on making Pioneer a reality some time soon, that’s likely a fair few months away, and we’d be shocked to see it in 2021.

That means that Modern is going to be even further away, especially given that every extra set that needs to be added brings with it more combos and interactions that need programming.

Put simply, while we hope to one day see Modern in MTG Arena, we’d be very surprised if it happened before 2022, at which point we’ll all hopefully being playing MTG Arena on our skin or something anyway.

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