8, Apr, 22

This New Capenna Card Can Flatout Win You the Game!

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Article at a Glance

It’s always exciting when you see the words, “you win the game”, printed on a Magic card. There are always hoops to jump through to achieve these win conditions. But they often make for interesting deckbuilding challenges. And Halo Fountain, from Streets of New Capenna, is no exception. In the right deck, Halo Fountain will win you the game.

Halo Fountain

There is more to Halo Fountain than just its alternate win condition. Actually, it is an all-around great Magic card!

Its first activated ability untaps a creature you control to make a token, while the second ability untaps two creatures you control to draw a card. Both of these abilities are great for getting extra uses out of your creatures’ activated abilities. (Plus, it’s always great to see card draw build into white’s color pie.)

And then, of course, there’s the aforementioned win con. For five white mana, you must untap fifteen tapped creatures you control, then, you win the game!

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Best Commanders For Halo Fountain

The best home for Halo Fountain, if you want to achieve its alternative win condition as quickly and consistently as possible, is to play Halo Fountain in a tokens-themed deck.

Rhys is probably the best commander to unlock Halo Fountain’s win con. He can produce creature tokens. And he can also double all the tokens you have in play. Halo Fountain can untap Rhys to gain additional activations of these abilities each turn, easily getting you to that fifteen creature threshold to win with Halo Fountain.

Other token commanders that work well with Halo Fountain include Trostani and the new Cabaretti crime boss, Jetmir. Both of these decks plan to develop wide board states that Halo Fountain can use to win the game.

When I first read Halo Fountain, I was more excited about its first two abilities than its actual win condition. Similar to Thousand-Year Elixir or Umbral Mantle, you can use Halo Fountain to untap commanders such as Osgir, Captain Sisay, and Oswald to activate their abilities multiple times in one turn.

Osgir deserves a special mention for his synergy with Halo Fountain. Because Halo Fountain is an artifact, you can use Osgir to make two copies of Halo Fountain, allowing you to get even more use out of your commander.

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