8, Apr, 22

Take Infinite Turns With This Chaotic and Fun New Capenna Card

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Article at a Glance

Sometimes, when a new Magic card is spoiled, players instantly recognize its broken combo potential. This is the case with Arcane Bombardement from Streets of New Capenna, and it will become a Commander all-star because of it.

Arcane Bombardment

Arcane Bombardment | Wizards of the Coast

The closest comparison to Arcane Bombardment is Eye of the Storm. But Bombardment is actually better in several ways.

Arcane Bombardment costs less mana to play than Eye of the Storm, and your opponents can’t take advantage of Bombardment the way they can with Eye of the Storm. Because of this, Bombardment becomes a one-side value engine. And you can even use it as a devastating infinite combo piece.

Take Infinite Turns With Arcane Bombardment

It’s pretty simple to create an infinite combo with Arcane Bombardment. All you need is any extra turn spell that doesn’t exile itself upon being cast.

Once you exile an extra turn spell to Bombardement’s ability, every time you cast your first instant or sorcery each turn, you will get an extra turn (amongst the other various spells you exiled to Bombardment). When you take your next turn, cast an instant or sorcery and you can repeat this again.

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Best Commanders for Arcane Bombardment

Magecraft is the perfect ability to pair with Arcane Bombardment. The ability triggers whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell.

Veyran doubles Arcane Bombardment’s ability for double the value. And Zaffai will grind out tons of tokens and damage for each Bombardment trigger.

Because Arcane Bombardment actually casts the cards it exiles (and doesn’t just copy them), it triggers a lot of popular commanders. Rionya will make armies of tokens. Kykar will populate the board with Spirits which you can use to produce mana. And Ni-Mizzet, Parun, will draw a ton of cards, killing your opponents in the process.

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