29, Nov, 21

Unprecedented Un-Set Cards Will Be Legal in MTG Commander!

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Article at a Glance

MTG Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, gave us a sneak preview of what’s to come in this April’s Unfinity Set and it is jam-packed with goodies and surprises.

Unfinity is the fourth installation of MTG’s Un-Sets, after Unglued, Unhinged and Unstable. Traditionally, these Un-Sets are filled with wacky, crazy cards like Cheatyface that are purposely designed to push the limits of MTG’s design space, and are not legal for constructed play. In the past, these cards were given a silver-border treatment to distinguish them from regular Magic cards. But this year’s Un-Set comes with a spin!

Unfinity will feature Black-border cards legal in Eternal formats like Legacy, Vintage, and most importantly, Commander!

**Un-Sets have also historically included beautiful full-art lands, and this year is no exception. There are stunning, space-themed basic lands and borderless Shocklands which you can check out here.**

Which Unfinity Cards are Legal in Commander?

Only select cards from Unfinity will get the Eternal format treatment. To determine which cards are purely for Un-Set fun and which you can add to your Commander decks, you must look at the official seal on the card.

If the seal is in the shape of an acorn (as seen in the image above), then that card is exclusive to casual play and cannot be played in Commander. This seal is the equivalent of the old, silver-bordered cards. Killer Cosplay is an example of one such casual-only card.

If, however, a card has an oval seal (or no security stamp at lower rarities), it’s legal in eternal formats.

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The First Commander Legal Spoilers From Unfinity

Here are the first two “Eternal” spoilers that we have from Unfinity.

Saw in Half is a sweet copy-making effect in mono-black. You can kill one of your own creatures to spawn two copies of the targeted creature, only their power and toughness are halved. This is a great way to get extra enters-the-battlefield (ETB) triggers from your creatures, while setting up your graveyard for reanimator commanders such as Araumi, of the Dead Tide.

The Space Family Goblinson spoiler tells us we could even get new commanders out of this set! This legendary dice-rolling goblin could make a great leader for all the dice-rolling cards we got from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

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