29, Nov, 21

MTG Lead Designer Shows New Cards From Unfinity, Including Borderless Shocklands

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Article at a Glance

One of Magic: the Gathering‘s most fun sets out there are the Un-sets. There have been 3 of these un-sets in the past, Unglued, Unhinged and Unstable. We got an announcement for a 4th Un-set back in August called Unfinity and today, Mark Rosewater, Magic‘s Lead Designer gave us some tidbits from the new set.

Unfinity Packaging

Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast

First off, we have the packaging for the set, which is vibrant and cartoony. We also see that there’s a Sci-Fi / Carnival theme to the set as well! The set will have both Draft Boosters and Collectors Boosters.

Unfinity Is Black Bordered?!

Traditionally, all of the Un-set cards have been silver bordered, just as a way to denote that they weren’t legal for constructed play. This go around, the team is trying something different! They are making the entire set black bordered. A lot of the themes and mechanics of the set fit within the rules of normal Magic, but that doesn’t mean that they’re legal for competitive constructed play. Then why make them black bordered? This is because these cards will be allowed in casual formats where players agree that the cards can be used, ie Commander.

How are we denoting the casual only nature of these cards? The team has come up with a flavorful and fun solution.

Wizards of the Coast

That’s right, these cards are getting a new security stamp, in the shape of an Acorn. Squirrels are a big fan favorite creature type, and are pretty synonymous with the Un-sets, so it makes sense to use that here. Here’s a couple examples of new cards with this stamp.

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The Unfinity Lands

One of the hallmarks of the Un-sets, are the full art basic lands. They were the set that pioneered the variations, and Unfinity doesn’t disappoint. There are not one but TWO variations of these basic lands, the Planetary version and the Orbital version.

First off, we have the Planetary basics. These lands showcase a beautiful, vibrant landscape. We also see the little atom pathing flourish around each of the mana symbols. Now let’s look at the Orbital versions

In a similar fashion, these lands really are stunning in their vibrancy. These showcase the planet but from a space view. On that note, we do see these are more in the style of the Unstable land cycle, showing no mana symbol in the bottom to really let the artwork shine.

We do have another set of Lands coming in this set. These were teased back in the August announcement, but we now get to see the Borderless Shocklands in their full glory.

I think that the one word to describe the art in this set is vibrant. Each of these lands have some incredible depictions of the lands. One nice touch that I like with this is the smaller, transparent text boxes. This really lets this beautiful artwork be shown off.

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Unfinity Release Date

The last little bit of notable information that we have from MaRo today is the release date for the set. Unfinity will be releasing on a rather fitting date, April 1, 2022. We also do know that there will be official previews coming from Wizards of the Coast for the set, so make sure that you stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you coverage of those as they drop!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the art style of Unfinity? Let us know in the comments!

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