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Top 10 Snow Cards in Magic: The Gathering

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It’s that special time of the year when the weather has truly turned for the worse – depending on your opinion – and the festive season is just around the corner. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of Magic: The Gathering’s best ever snow-themed cards.

As this is just a bit of fun, we’re not going too deep into the mechanics of each card, the set it came from or how valuable it is. We’re instead taking a look at the 10 cards that truly match the freeing cold temps of winter and how cool their abilities might be! (see what we did there?)

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10. Into The North – Coldsnap (2006)

This may be one of the simpler cards on the list given that it’s a simple land search but LOOK AT THAT ARTWORK. We get chills just thinking about how cold that scenery is and when we’re looking for snow, Into The North provides seemingly endless quantities!

We’re not sure how we feel about the camel as that gives off a warm-weather vibe, but overall, the snow theme is absolutely met here.

9. Abominable Treefolk – Modern Horizons (2019)

It may not be as cute as the abominable snowman but Abominable Treefolk isn’t really bothered about its visual appeal. This hulking snow creature was released in the original Modern Horizons deck and holds a very similar ability to Rimefeather Owl.

Unfortunately for the Owl, it just doesn’t quite have the artwork that gives me the impression that it’s a snow creature, leaving our friend the Treefolk to take this spot. Maybe it’ll make the best nocturnal creature cards list?

8. Rimescale Dragon – Coldsnap (2006)

I’ll be honest, when I first saw the artwork for Rimescale Dragon, I figured someone had gotten confused and printed Yu-Gi-Oh art on it by mistake. This absolutely terrifying dragon looks like it’s built out of ice and I can’t think of anything worse to come up against on a battlefield.

Its ice counter mechanic was also pretty cool but overcoming its initial casting cost probably means it would be quite an unfavourable card by modern Magic: The Gathering standards.

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7. Blessing Frost – Kaldheim (2021)

Blessing Frost contains artwork that, to me, is a half-decent depiction of what Santa Claus probably looks like within the Magic: The Gathering universe (Oh no, I’ve probably given them another crossover idea now).

The creatures in the artwork probably give off slightly creepier vibes than you would expect when you think of ‘festivities’ but there are much worse depictions further up this list.

6. Ohran Yeti – Coldsnap (2006)

Ohran Yeti may not quite have the finesse or grandeur of other creatures on this list but it cannot be argued that when you think of snow, the thought of a Yeti can’t be too far behind. It’s nothing special as a 3/3 creature but its ability to give another snow creature first strike could be instrumental in a pinch.

We nearly went with Stalking Yeti instead but that card’s rules text is a little muddled.

5. Blizzard Brawl – Kaldheim (2021)

While Blizzard Brawl doesn’t exactly give me the fuzzy festive feelings, it does meet the snow quota in abundance. If you can look past the scary-ass grizzly bear that looks like it wants to tear us limb from limb, then this is easily one of the most festive looking cards around.

I mean, there’s even a Christmas tree in the background! Just use your imagination and add some decorations to it!

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4. Blood On The Snow – Kaldheim (2021)

Another Kaldheim card up next as Blood on the Snow is very in vogue at the moment. It’s certainly one for a more gothic themed winter with the copious amount of blood and seemingly undead Draugr featured in the card. The holiday season isn’t all about jolly dudes delivering presents though!

Blood on the Snow is honestly a brilliant card when used right and will likely continue to be part of the 2022 meta for the remainder of the season.

3. Coldsteel Heart – Coldsnap (2006)

Back to Coldsnap once again for this entry as Coldsteel Heart takes the #3 spot. This one should be fairly self-explanatory because the artwork here is basically a depiction of the North Star which features heavily in many religious depictions of the Christmas story.

We challenge you to look at Coldsteel Heart and not feel your temperature drop a few degrees in the process. It’s our one and only artifact on this list too!

2. Adarkar Valkyrie – Coldsnap (2006)

Behold the resplendent beauty of Adarkar Valkyrie, this literal Snow Angel from Coldsnap and it is probably one of the best in-play cards on this list too. Just look at that ability!

Anytime another creature is removed heading to the graveyard, you can return it to the battlefield by simply tapping Valkyrie, we could certainly make good use of that kind of mechanic even today!

1. Faceless Haven – Kaldheim (2021)


Was it ever going to be anything else? No… because it’s my list. Faceless Haven is the ultimate snow can in Magic: The Gathering in my eyes not only for its stunningly gothic artwork that screams ‘festive holidays’ but because it’s also one of the best lands to ever be released.

Hopefully, you enjoyed my list of the top 10 snow cards Magic: The Gathering if you would have placed some other cards in the list, feel free to let us know… it won’t change anything, but we’re always curious!

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