30, Nov, 21

Did Innistrad Inspire One Of The Best Games Of All Time?

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Just how far reaching is the impact of Magic: The Gathering?
Article at a Glance

One of the greatest joys in life is inspiration. We can take inspiration from nearly anything around us, whether good or bad, and turn it into something incredible. In turn, those same things we create can then help breathe a new idea into someone else, and thus a wonderful cycle of creation is born.

One of the great things about being into multiple forms of entertainment is that you can occasionally see things you love influencing one another. However, sometimes you might not have even realised that was the case. In those moments, it’s always good to see someone put a video together about it so that you can start pondering on it too.

Did MTG inspire Bloodborne?

First of all, yes, Bloodborne is absolutely one of the best games of all time. We’re not saying it’s the best one ever, just that it sits in the upper echelons amongst other great games and occasionally flexes a tentacle at the others to let them know it’s not to be messed with. The combination of FromSoftwares signature combat, the faster pace enabled by the gun parry and health recovery systems, and the wonderful use of the eldritch as a core concept, make it truly extraordinary.

Secondly, the video that delves into this concept is from the incredible Zulle the Witch. Zullie is a FromSoftware hacker of sorts that does a lot of incredible videos on cut content, how FromSoftware games work versus how they appear to work, and lots of other really interesting stuff for the hardcore Soulslike fans out there.

We’re not going to spoil what’s actually in the video, but it’s worth a watch just to see how accurate the idea could well be. There’s certainly some strong logic in there. Realistically though, we’re just happy we got a chance to write about Bloodborne on our MTG website. Truly, we are living the dream.

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