7, Dec, 21

This MTG Vampire Card is Getting BLOODY Expensive

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Twilight Prophet has always been a popular Commander card and has therefore always been pretty pricey too. It fits great into vampire decks, life gain decks, and any deck looking for an awesome card drawing engine. That’s why, these days, the Prophet is getting even more expensive.

Twilight Prophet

Wizards of the Coast

Before Innistrad: Crimson Vow was released, Twilight Prophet was about $27.00. That price began climbing before the set was even released just out of anticipation for the vampire support to come. But recently, Twilight Prophet received a bit of a price spike, and nowadays, the card is pushing $35.00+.


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Why Did Twilight Prophet Spiked in Price?

There are two main reasons Twilight Prophet costs so much these days.

It is mostly due to the hype for vampires surrounding Crimson Vow. We knew ahead of time that this would be a vampire-themed set and that we’d get a new vampire Commander deck. Because of this, there was a high probability that many vampire cards from Magic’s history would receive bursts of demand. (Just look at Edgar Markov as a prime example)

While the market for vampires has not been as explosive as it was with zombies when Innistrad: Midnight Hunt was released, there is still a big demand by players who want to upgrade their Vampiric Bloodline Commander decks.

The other reason Twilight Prophet is so expensive is that it only has one printing. It came out in Rivals of Ixalan back in 2018, and hasn’t been reprinted since.

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Will Twilight Prophet’s New Price Hold?

Just how the Twilight Prophet’s lack of printings directly contributes to its high prices, that also means that if/when it does get reprinted, it should see substantial price drops. But that doesn’t mean it will go to $0.00. This is still a heavily played and heavily demanded EDH card, and if/when it does get reprinted, it should hold a lot of its value.

Until Twilight Prophet sees a reprint, there’s still room for the card to go up in price.

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