4, Nov, 21

Edgar Markov Costs How Much?! CRAZY MTG Commander Spike

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Article at a Glance

You may know him as the very first vampire of Innistrad from which all the other blood-sucking clans came from. Edgar Markov is a youthful 6000 years old and is now marrying Olivia Voldaren in Magic’s newest set, Innistrad: Crimson Vow. While his lore is long, we got our first Edgar Markov card relatively recently in a 2017 Commander deck. You’ll be surprised how much Edgar has financially aged in just 4 years.

Edgar Markov

Wizards of the Coast

When Edgar was released back in 2017, you could buy him for about $5.00. He steadily climbed to about $30.00 right up until March of this year. Then, this year’s two Innistrad sets were announced. If we know one thing about Innistrad, it’s home to some of the scariest creature types in all of Magic, like zombies, werewolves, and VAMPIRES.

Once we knew we’d be visiting Innistrad in back-to-back sets, of which there’d be inevitable support for the vampire tribe, Edgar Markov shot up in price. Practically overnight he became a $75.00 card.

But Edgar’s jumped in price again! We’re in the midst of spoilers for Innistrad: Crimson Vow, and let’s see where Edgar is sitting now…$100.00+! Last we checked there are a few copies left for $95.00 at the time of this article. But in total, there are only 22 listings remaining on TCGPlayer for Edgar Markov at the time of writing, and the majority of them are around $115.00!

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Why did Edgar spike in Price?

Magic: the Gathering‘s latest set, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, is a vampire-focused set. Edgar himself plays a central role in the story with loads of other vampires attending his wedding. There are even Dracula skinned cards to play on the vampire theme. Everyone’s hyped up for vampires right now.

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Will Edgar’s new price hold?

I wish I could say otherwise, but there’s a good chance that Edgar Markov will get more expensive. As soon as the absolute last Crimson Vow card is spoiled, and the nail is set in “Edgar’s reprint coffin”, so to speak, if there’s no sign of an Edgar Markov reprint, I suspect the OG vampire will continue trending upwards in price.

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