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This is the Best Deck to Climb Magic Arena Ladder In Standard

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We are entering a new age of Standard with the release of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. There were tournaments this past weekend exploring the new Standard Meta, one archetype stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of consistency and strength. There’s a few flavors of the deck, so we’ll take a look at each, but these decks are the best to climb the ladder with right now on Magic Arena.

Gruul Werewolves

There’s 2 flavors of Gruul Werewolves that are floating around to consider. The first is going to be a Pure Gruul Werewolves.

This version of the deck is playing all werewolf creatures. The ones that are being played here that isn’t in other lists are Outland Liberator and Primal Adversary. Our upside to this list is that we get to play into our werewolf synergies and the Daybound / Nightbound synergies. The downside to this is that we miss out on some very strong cards and synergies that we’ll see in the next list.

The other list is more of a hybrid Werewolf / traditional Gruul deck. This version of the deck is rockin’ some powerful cards in the format, like Jaspera Sentinel and Magda, Brazen Outlaw, Esika’s Chariot and Goldspan Dragon. This avenue strikes a nice balance between the powerful werewolf synergies, but also playing some strong cards to back that up.

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Traditional Gruul Aggro

Next up is a more traditional Gruul aggro style deck. This is removing most of the werewolf synergies from the last deck, and leaning more on just strong midrange cards like Briarbridge Tracker and Wrenn and Seven. This is a very strong contender as the best version of the deck.

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Gruul Legends

The last version of the list and one that I think is really cool is the Gruul Legends deck, featuring Bard Class. This deck isn’t really a storm deck, but we include Bard Class in the deck to take advantage of the mana reduction and additional +1/+1 counters on our creatures. This one feels a bit harder to evaluate because the cards are so off the wall in terms of power, but it’s definitely a cool one.

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All in all, I’d recommend the traditional Gruul version or the Hybrid Werewolf version of the deck to play. Traditionally, aggro is a strong contender in a new metagame, and we were handed a LOT of great tools to align with it. Definitely give these a shot and let us know your thoughts!

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