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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Gave Standard A New BROKEN Combo

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We’re only a few days into the new Standard environment on Magic Arena, and there’s some great new decks to explore. But one thing that has recently surfaced is that there’s a broken infinite combo in Standard. The culprit for this may not surprise you. Let’s dive into this combo and see how we can abuse it.

The Wombo Combo

This combo revolves around a few cards. First off, we need Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset, and Lithoform Engine. When you activate the +1 on teferi, you can copy it with the first ability on Lithoform Engine. You’ll target a land, a mana creature, and Lithoform Engine, and copy the ability again. This gives us infinite life. If our mana creature can make more than 1 mana, then we generate infinite mana as well. Here’s a few creatures that we’d look to use in this combo.

The first creature would be Tangled Florahedron. This is great for the infinite life only combo, and it’s a cheap creature that we can get in with. If you can make the mana work, Circle of Dreams Druid can net you infinite mana if you have more than 1 creature in play. The ideal target here is going to be Accomplished Alchemist. Since Teferi’s +1 also gains us 2 life, we’ll add more and more mana for each iteration of the loop. Now that we have this infinite mana, how do we win the game?

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Pay offs

Our payoffs for this deck are going to be some big Green spells. We want to try to effectively win the game on the spot. An easy one is making a massive Lair of the Hydra and attacking. If our opponent has blockers, then we can combo Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider and Exponential Growth. We could also try and go for a The Tarrasque and Alrund’s Ephiphany and smash in a few times to win.

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This combo I think is definitely less competitive because you’re having to play Lithoform Engine. The current state of the meta is more aggressive that you risk the just flat out dying before you can pull the combo off. That being said, the Bant colors have really good mana at this point, so when control really starts to gain a foothold, we may see this combo pop up. It does beg the question of if Wizards of the Coast will ban this combo ahead of time, or if it needs to prove it’s a problem first. I think let it rock for now, because I don’t think that this combo is going to be a problem.

What are your thoughts on the combo? Do you think that this is going to break Standard, or is it just a meme? Let us know in the comments!

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