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29, Sep, 22

These MTG Commander Upgrades are Tripling in Price!

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MTG players looking to get their hands on the Warhammer prebuilt decks may be considering some upgrades to get the most out of their play experience. Well, those players aren’t the only ones looking to get their hands on new tools since upgrades for these decks are soaring on the secondary market this week. Some of these are really cool niche cards that I personally would not have considered before seeing their prices rise. Here are the cards increasing in price the most this week for your new Commander upgrades!

Scion of Draco

scion of draco

Scion of Draco is seeing a massive increase this week… but the reasons for its increase are slightly misleading. The List copy of this card saw a massive $25 increase, but it is now more than three times the price of its Modern Horizons two counterparts. Obviously, you should avoid the List version of this card unless you specifically want that version – the price is not worth it.

The non-List version of Scion of Draco has still seen a significant price increase. TCGplayer suggests that this card is starting to stabilize, but it did spike to $9.50 a few days ago from a measly $2.00 only a few weeks ago. While this is one of many excellent Commander upgrades to the Painbow Commander deck and any other Commander decks that use Domain-related strategies, it is mainly getting a price hike due to Modern. A new Domain Aggro deck using Nishoba Brawler, Tribal Flames, Leyline Binding and Territorial Kavu has emerged, and it’s putting up enough results to be considered as a meta contender.

Spirit of Resistance

spirit of resistance

This is, by far, the coolest card that has moved in price due to the Commander prebuilt decks hitting the market. Spirit of Resistance prevents all damage to you if you control permanents with all five colors. While this is an excellent upgrade to the Painbow deck, it is much more effective in Jodah, the Unifier. Unfortunately, this card will not prevent damage to your creatures or Planeswalkers. It is, as a result, better when you play it with a five-colored spell that is difficult to move… like The Prismatic Bridge, for example.

While most copies of this card sell for between $4-5, recent sales suggest that this card may spike to $7 soon. Prices for this card, however, don’t show much of a pattern, with the card selling for anywhere between $3 and $15 for no rhyme or reason over the past week. Either way, the interest in Spirit of Resistance has definitely seen an uptick.

Unbound Flourishing

unbound flourishing

Unbound Flourishing’s meteoric rise continues since the spoiling of the Tyranid Swarm Commander deck. This card interacts with the new Swarmlord Commander and the Ravenous mechanic in extremely powerful ways. We wrote more about that here.

Unbound Flourishing’s price started rising a few weeks ago. Starting at around $5, the card is now going for about $17! Prices are still varying, however, with some copies selling for as low as $11. Like Scion of Draco, the List version of this card is selling for a premium, but the prices between copies are much smaller. If the List card you find is not terribly overpriced, it could be worth the while to pick it up.

Branching Evolution

branching evolution

Branching Evolution is another card seeing a spike in price due to the Tyranid Swarm Commander deck coming out on October seventh. This card can double any +1/+1 counters added to a creature, which is fantastic in a prebuilt deck with Hardened Scales in the 99.

Branching Evolution only has one printing, resulting in a massive spike once the card started to see some interest. This card has spiked from $10 to $18.50 over the course of a week, and the spike doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. You may want to get this card ASAP if you’re in the market for it.

Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful

yoshimaru, ever faithful

Yoshimaru’s rise to fame continues this week, but for a few more reasons than you may think. Yoshimaru is a fantastic fit for the Legends’ Legacy preconstructed deck and also fits well as an option in Jodah, the Unifier decks with Dominaria United. Perhaps the most significant reason that this card is continually seeing spikes, however, is that it was recently unbanned in a Commander format.

Dual Commander isn’t super popular in North America but has a massive following in Europe. Recent majors for the event have surpassed 300 entrants, solidifying its presence as a real MTG format, regardless of personal opinion. Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful was unbanned in this format over the past week, which may affect its price further.

Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful’s price is currently around $11 and rising. This is a massive spike from $2, its price tag around the middle of August.

The Great Henge

the great henge

The Great Henge is already an incredibly expensive card that is a mainstay in most Commander players’ arsenals. This card is so strong in the Tyranid Swarm deck that it has seen another increase. The increase is relatively small, mind you, but the new asking price of $55 over $50 from about a week ago is significant enough to mention. Prices for this card, however, seem to vary between $54 and $60 at the moment, suggesting further spikes may be in this card’s future.

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Poxwalkers reappears again as a card in one of the Warhammer 40K prebuilt 99 cards. This one isn’t one of the Commander upgrades since it is in one of the prebuilt Commander decks coming out, but that doesn’t stop the card from spiking in spoiler season. We spent a lot of time talking about how to use this card.

Poxwalkers premiered at $5 on TCGplayer, but has since risen to $9. The spike has been rather consistent for this card, with somewhere between $9 and $9.15 being a strong price for it.

These Commander Upgrades Should Stabilize with Time

Interest in these cards will likely recede if given enough time. Once the Warhammer Commander decks are out for a period of time, players trying to upgrade the prebuilt decks, and players trying to speculate on those desires, will likely move on to the next thing. That said, if you want these upgrades on release day, you should consider buying these soon, as most of these cards look like they aren’t going to stop spiking any time soon.

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