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Surprisingly Expensive MTG Midnight Hunt FOILS

These Midnight Hunt foils are WAY more expensive than their regular printings. They could have long-term financial potential.
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Trying to completely foil out your favorite deck is an expensive project. All foils run at a premium price, but some are exorbitantly more expensive than their non-foil counterparts. In this article, we’re going to examine exactly why that is, and look at some singles from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt with exceptional foil markups compared to their non-foil printings.

Foil Multipliers in Modern Day Magic

These days, the price of a foil card in a new set is typically around 1.1-1.4 times the price of a non-foil card. This is what’s known as a card’s foil multiplier.

If we look at foil multipliers of older cards, like from Kamigawa or Mirrodin, some foil multipliers can range between 5.00-18.00x. A lot of this has to do with the cards aging and having smaller supplies. But it is also because there are no other fancy versions of these cards, and many of them have never been reprinted in foil. (If you want a lightly played, foil Glissa Sunseeker, it’ll set you back $20.00 compared to its non-foil price of $1.20)

Wizards of the Coast

There is certainly some long-term potential for investing in foils. But things are different these days in the world of Magic: the Gathering.

Wizards of the Coast has made recent pushes to print different collectible variants of cards. Now there are alternate arts, extended borders, Secret Lairs, Mystical Archives, and the list goes on. This is why foil multipliers are lower on average in modern-day Magic; they just aren’t as special as they used to be.

There are, however, still some new foil cards that hold higher than average foil multipliers. While there are a more limited number of foils worth investing in these days, some can still have bigger payoffs than their non-foil counterparts. Let’s take a look at some from the most recent set, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

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Faithless Mending

Wizards of the Coast

Faithful Mending has had a big impact on the Modern format. It’s given way to new flavors of reanimator and Jeskai Phoenix decks. It’s not much surprise that the card has performed so well, as Faithful Mending is a throwback to Faithless Looting, a draw-spell from the original Innistrad block that was so powerful it got banned in Modern.

The non-foil version of Faithful Mending is about $1.50. The foil, on the other hand, is about $5.00 at the time of writing. That’s a foil multiplier of about 3.33x.

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Sunset Revelry

Wizards of the Coast

Sunset Revelry has most commonly been compared to Timely Reinforcements, a piece of classic sideboard tech in the Modern format. Revelry has followed suit, showing up in the sideboards of some Azorius Control decks.

The foil multiplier for Sunset Revelry is at a staggering 6.00x. While the non-foil version of the card is about $0.50 the foil is around $3.00 last we checked.

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Moonsilver Key

Wizards of the Coast

I talked about this card extensively in my article, The Key to Commander from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, which I highly encourage you to check out.

I think the non-foil version of Moonsilver Key is a promising long-term pickup for Commander. It is about $1.50 at the time of this article. But the foil, which is currently about $5.00, could have even more financial payoff.

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