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5, Mar, 24

Surprise! Fallout Cosmetics Arrive on MTG Arena!

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Within the wide world of MTG, there has been an awful lot going on recently. This is all thanks to MagicCon: Chicago, which revealed a boatload of details about four MTG sets! While there’s no doubt this was a very exciting time, unfortunately, it was a bit much to keep up with. Thankfully, eleven days later, it seems Wizards has calmed down somewhat.

This week, there’s only one major event going on; the release of the Universes Beyond Fallout Commander decks. Loaded with new cards, reprints, and tons of thematic flavor, this set has a lot of players incredibly excited. Unfortunately, while paper players were getting it all, it seemed that those on MTG Arena would be missing out. That was the case until yesterday, at least.

One day before they’re due to be released, Wizards of the Coast announced some Fallout content is coming to MTG Arena!

Surprise! The Leak Was Right!

MTG Arena Fallout Cosmetics

Technically, back in January, a rather genuine-looking leak let slip that Fallout would be coming to MTG Arena. Showing off a handful of cosmetics, this leak understandably got players excited, with many hoping for more. Despite all this exciting potential, it seemed that MTG Arena was quickly forgotten about.

During the, rather brief, spoiler season for the Fallout Commander decks, not a peep was spoken about MTG Arena. The same was true for the decks during previous Arena Announcements posts from Wizards themselves. Thanks to this, it seemed that the leak was too good to be true.

Miraculously, just one day before the latest patch to MTG Arena, Wizards made a surprise announcement. Despite the radio silence, some content from the Fallout Commander decks is coming to MTG Arena! Specifically, fans of the franchise will be able to get their hands on a suite of cosmetics.

As you can see above, MTG Arena is getting new basic lands, sleeves, an emote, and a new companion. This suite of cosmetics lines up with what we saw in the leaks from back in January. Curiously, the leaks actually revealed more content, which is presumably all included. Expanding upon what the image shows, there should be ten lands and seven sleeves available in total.

Unsurprisingly, each of the cosmetics will be available for purchase via the MTG Arena in-game store. Currently, there’s no word on how much these cosmetics will cost but we don’t expect them to break the bank. Sadly, while many MTG players are already enamored with the cosmetics, it appears that’s all MTG Arena is getting.

Since nothing extra has been announced, it seems no actual Fallout MTG cards are coming to Arena. While Commander cards have appeared on the platform before, it’s likely Fallout is restricted by contracts.

A Manor Change to Alchemy Draft

Sproutwatch Dryad
Sproutwatch Dryad | Alchemy: Karlov Manor

Alongside the official reveal of Fallout cosmetics, Wizards recently revealed the entire card list for Alchemy: Karlov Manor. As usual, this Alchemy set contains 30 cards and has some spicy additions such as Tajic, Legion’s Valor. As nice as powerful cards are, the set’s most interesting card, by far, is Juggle the Performance.

Seemingly revealing new multiplayer developments, this card whipped the MTG Arena community into a frenzy. As exciting as multiplayer is, this detail isn’t even the biggest development from the set! Since true multiplayer is still just a pipedream, for now, that honor instead goes to new pack changes.

Curiously, despite being a big deal, this information wasn’t revealed in the weekly Arena Announcements post. Instead, this important detail was relayed by u/WotC_Jay on Reddit. Here, Jay revealed that Alchemy Draft, and its unique packs, are getting overhauled thanks to Play Boosters.

“For MKM Alchemy, we’re just adding the Alchemy cards in as a new slot, rather than replacing anything. So the boosters for the Alchemy draft will have 14 cards, rather than the 13 in normal MKM draft.”


Right now, since it’s a brand-new development, there’s no telling how this change will play out. It seems Wizards is very aware of this fact too as during their statement WotC_Jay mentioned the potential for change. Due to this uncertainty, there’s a nonzero chance that things will change for Outlaws at Thunder Junction.

“Play Boosters are new, so we may need to play around with a couple approaches before we find what we think works best here. So no guarantees that’s how it will stay for OTJ, but that’s the MKM plan.”


Thankfully, while the Draftable Play Boosters will be changing, the dedicated Alchemy packs should stay the same. Similarly to regular packs found on the MTG Arena store, these won’t be converted into the newfangled Play Boosters. Hopefully, this should mean that collecting the new Alchemy cards is a breeze if you’re not crafting what you want.

Arena Gets Even More Soon!

Tamiyo Seasoned Scholar | Modern Horizons 3
Tamiyo Seasoned Scholar | Modern Horizons 3

While the Fallout Commander decks are only barely coming to MTG Arena, there’s good news on the horizon. For the first time in forever, a Modern Horizons set will be coming to Arena later this year. Legal in Timeless and partially Historic, this set is sure to shake up the established metagame.

Set to release on June 11th, Modern Horizons 3 is well worth looking forward to. Unsurprisingly the same is true of the next premier set on the horizon: Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Releasing in just over one month on April 16th, this set is only a few weeks away from being spoiled. While the back half of 2024 may be suspiciously quiet, the next few months are going to be very busy.

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