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4, Mar, 24

105 Missing MTG Arena Cards Discovered by Players

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Article at a Glance

Since its release in 2018, MTG Arena has steadily amassed a huge catalog of cards. While it’s nothing compared to the amount available on paper, Arena still has over 10,000 cards! As if this immense number wasn’t enough already, thanks to MTG’s relentless release calendar, new cards just keep on coming…

On top of what’s already available, MTG Arena has one trick up its sleeve to bump up its card count. Going beyond what’s possible on paper, MTG Arena has cards that create new cards! Exclusive to MTG Arena’s Alchemy format, mechanics like Spellbook and Conjure can give access to classic, powerful, and beloved cards. Unfortunately, this access is hardly unlimited…

Despite being on MTG Arena and technically playable, Spellbook cards, among others, aren’t craftable. Considering the cards that Spellbooks give access to, this is a major disappointment to many players. Unfortunately, this issue has only gotten worse with the release of Alchemy: Karlov Manor.

Suspect Spellbook Signets

Relics of the Rubblebelt

In Alchemy: Karlov Manor, MTG Arena got another massive Spellbook card. Capable of Conjuring one of ten cards twice, Relics of the Rubblebelt can certainly do a lot. Well, it can Conjure a pair of Signet mana rocks, like Azorius Signet, at least.

As a ramp engine, sadly Relics of the Rubblebelt isn’t all that, since only one Conjured Signet goes onto the Battlefield. This is likely going to keep it from seeing much Alchemy, Historic, or Timeless play. For better or worse, this isn’t the end of Relics of the Rubblebelt’s story. Not only can the card be played in Brawl, but it’s also reignited an unusual old discussion.

Despite being immensely popular in Commander, somewhat surprisingly, none of the Ravnican Signets are on MTG Arena. Technically, they are now, however, not every deck can play them since they’re only available in a Spellbook. Sadly, this means these iconic cards from Ravnica aren’t craftable or playable outside of using Relics of the Rubblebelt.

Understandably, considering their popularity, many MTG players, especially fans of Brawl, weren’t too pleased about this development. Rather than just getting upset, however, some players set out to show the real problem at hand. While Relics of the Rubblebelt may be annoying, it’s hardly the only offending Alchemy card.

After scrutinizing all that Alchemy offers, Reddit user u/Kircai recently discovered that Alchemy has implemented 63 uncraftable cards. Out of this long list, 11 are legal in Pioneer/Explorer but players have no means of accessing them. Considering Explorer should be as close to Pioneer as possible, this seems like a major and baffling misstep. As if that wasn’t bad enough, these cards are just the tip of the iceberg.

105 Disappointments

Going above and beyond, u/Kircai went on to expand their research to cover all uncraftable cards on MTG Arena. Sadly, between Alchemy, Momir, Event Decks, Tests, and a few extras, there’s quite a long list. In total, 105 MTG cards on Arena are completely programmed and working, but not fully useable.

While it is disappointing that so many cards are playable but not playable, most uncrafable cards aren’t staples. Even the Pioneer playable cards like Borborygmos Enraged hardly see any play anymore. As a result, even if they would be nice to have, Explorer isn’t majorly worse off through their omission.

Alongside the essentially unneeded Explorer cards, previously many of Arena’s uncraftable cards didn’t have a suitable home. This was definitely the case for the Power Nine, which were introduced by Oracle of the Alpha. When they were released, the only potential home for these cards was Historic, where they’d definitely be banned without hesitation.

Fast forward a year and a half and Historic is no longer MTG Arena’s eternal format. Instead, Timeless has taken up this mantle with its restricted list in place of bans. While the Power Nine are still on a different power level, these cards could technically be restricted in this format. The same is true of the Urza’s lands, although these might not even need to be restricted in Timeless.

Alongside these iconic staples, plenty of other uncraftable cards would simply be great additions to Arena. Sword of Truth and Justice, Darksteel Plate and Preordain are all fantastic cards that Arena could use. Considering each of these cards is already fully programmed and playable, there’s really no reason they shouldn’t be playable.

Will They or Won’t They

All Will be One

Out of all the 105 cards that are on Arena but unable to be crafted, only one should stay gone. Bafflingly, after being introduced in the Ashiok vs Elspeth Event Decks Crusade is on MTG Arena. In 2020, this card, along with six others, was banned in every MTG format due to being “racist or culturally offensive.” As a result of this, it’d be for the better that Cursade is never craftable.

At the end of the day, while this may not be a new issue, Timeless has changed the game on MTG Arena. Now, every card has a home on Arena, regardless of its power level. Thanks to this, there’s little reason that the 104 cards from Alchemy and elsewhere shouldn’t be craftable. Since all these cards work on Arena already, it’s a struggle to think of a reason against their proper implantation.

Sadly, while it seems like a no-brainer to make these cards craftable, there’s no telling if Wizards will or not. Given that plenty of the cards would be great fun to play with, we can only hope a decision is made soon. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see whether or not that happens.

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