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Risk and Reward - Reddit's Greatest MTG Investments of 12/20/21

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Article at a Glance

This week, Redditors showed off their investments in a potential Commander staple, one of the biggest memes of a Magic card, and an MTG investment portfolio that cost close to $1000.00!

Welcome to Risk and Reward, where we cover interesting MTG investments from www.reddit.com/r/mtgfinance. Some investments have massive payoffs. Some are just for fun. And not all investments are winners. I interview each investor to find out more about why they speculated on their particular card.

*WARNING* You’re about to see giant stockpiles of cardboard.

Liquimetal Torque- u/silayoga

Liquimetal Torque investment by u/silayoga

Why did you choose to invest in Liquimetal Torque?

“Liquimetal Torque is a two-cost mana rock that enters the battlefield (ETB) untapped with an often relevant second ability. There are not many ETB untapped two-cost rocks in the game. And there are even fewer that can be played mono-colored Commander decks.”

“All two-cost mana rocks seem to retain demand and value despite multiple reprints. Thought Vessel was reprinted this year and is already $2.00-$3.00. In my opinion, Liquimetal Torque is even better.”

“Even if Liquimetal Torque gets reprinted multiple times, I suspect it won’t get reprinted in retro-framed foil again. Artifacts and lands are generally good specs because they can go in any Commander deck. I also like speculating on uncommons because the buy-in is often low and it is easy to double or triple your money. For example, I previously purchased a bunch of foil Soul-Guide Lantern’s and they tripled rapidly.”

How many copies of your card do you currently own? And ideally, how many would you like to obtain?

“I own approximately 60 copies of Liquimetal Torque. The majority are retro-framed foils, however, I have a few etched I was mailed accidentally. I wanted about 50 copies and have surpassed my goal.”

Approximately, how much did you spend on each copy of Liquimetal Torque? What value do you expect them to reach and why? And at what value, would you consider selling your position?

“My buy-in averages out to $1.00 per card. I expect the retro-framed foil to reach $5.00 within a year of Modern Horizons 2 going out of print. I think that’s when more people will recognize this card as a staple mana rock.”

“My exit strategy is to Buylist the copies for $2.00$3.00 and will likely take a store credit bonus. If I can turn $50.00 cash into $150.00-$200.00 store credit in a year, I’ll consider it a successful spec. The intent here isn’t to get rich but to offset the cost of playing and collecting MTG.”

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Mudhole – u/JimmyLegs50

Mudhole investment by u/JimmyLegs50

Why did you choose to invest in [card name]?

“My Mudhole spec is more of a joke than anything. It’s a crappy card that has a special place in Magic history thanks to the flavor text on Collector Protector. It was also included in the April Fools Secret Lair alongside other crappy meme cards like Storm Crow and Squire.”

How many copies of your card do you currently own?

“I have over 100 Mudholes.”

Approximately, how much did you spend on each copy of your card? What value do you expect them to reach (and why)? And at what value, would you consider selling your position?

“I purchased each Mudhole for less than $0.50. I don’t really expect the card to go up in value. But if I can make even $1.00 in profit off of it, I’d consider it a win.”

“Most specs turn out to be losers. So, making money off a notoriously bad card would earn some serious bragging rights!”

“I did find one other guy who’s trying to collect all of the Mudholes in existence, so my plan might actually work! , so I’ll probably sell them to the other Mudhole guy in bulk and call it a day.”

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Various MTG Investments – u/Kimberly_Turnips

Investments by u/Kimberly_Turnips

Why did you begin investing in Magic cards? And could you walk me through some of your specs?

“All in all, I spent about $1000.00 on the specs I listed here. I thought of investing as another way for me to get involved with Magic: the Gathering, and I thought I’d have fun following the ‘meme stock culture’ of a hobby I enjoy. I’ve spent thousands on Magic during this Pandemic and this is just a subset of my spending.”

The Celestus

“When Midnight Hunt dropped, I thought The Celestus seemed like the type of card that could break Standard down the road. Knowing there’d be a follow-up Innistrad set, I figured additional day/night support in Crimson Vow would boost the price of the card. That’s why I bought 82 copies of The Celestus for about $1.00 each.”

Augur of Autumn

“I bought 8 copies of Augur of Autumn for about $6.00 a pop. There was a lot of hype surrounding the card. It seemed solid to me. And I thought it would be the kind of a card that could spike later and maintain long-term value like Jeska’s Will.”

Moonsilver Key

Moonsilver Key | Wizards of the Coast

“I have a few hundred copies of Moonsilver Key, although I’m not sure the exact number. But it’s a lot. Many recent sets have had $5.00 uncommons. I was hoping that would be the case with this card, but now that I think about it, the Key seems to be more niche.”

Fighter Class

Figther Class
Fighter Class | Wizards of the Coast

“I’ve stocked up on 30 copies of Fighter class for about $1.75 each. This was one of the more promising classes to me, and classes were hyped at the time. Plus, I happened to be building an equipment deck when the card came out.”

Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca & Theiving Skydiver

“There was some Merfolk hype at the beginning of MH2. That’s why I wanted to pick up a few Merfolk cards that I thought had the potential to go up. I settled on Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca (18 copies at $6.00 each), and Thieving Skydiver (51 extended border copies for $1.85 each and 10 extended foil copies at approximately $5.00 a piece).”

Reliquary Tower (Bring a Friend Promo)

Reliquary Tower | Wizards of the Coast

“This was my most successful spec. I was buying a singular copy for myself and saw a seller with 30 copies for a bargain. I picked them 30 copies for $0.80.”

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