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29, Jan, 24

Powerful MTG Commander Card Leaked as Potential MTG Fallout Release Promo!

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We are almost a full month into 2024, and there are a lot of cool MTG sets and products being released in the near future. Coming right off the heels of the release of Ravnica Remastered, Murders Karlov Manor is releasing in a little over a week. From there, Ravnica: Clue Edition will be releasing on February 23. This may feel like a lot of MTG content being released all at once, but the fun doesn’t just stop there.

Only a couple weeks after that, the MTG Fallout Commander decks will be made available for purchase. Up to this point, we’ve already seen a handful of powerful spoilers for MTG Fallout, and more should be coming out of the woodworks relatively soon. On a similar note, though, it appears we may know of a cool reprint with Fallout-themed artwork that players can get their hands on. The MTG Fallout release promo may have been leaked on eBay, giving us a sneak peek ahead of schedule.

Notably, as a disclaimer, because this promo was leaked, there’s a chance that this turns out to be fake. Supposedly, a post revealing them was removed as the leak did not have a source. As such, there isn’t much proof of the card’s legitimacy at the moment, even though it appears to be real.

Either way, this card wasn’t officially revealed by Wizards of the Coast, so if you would rather wait for the real deal, consider this your spoiler warning.

Now, as we take a look at the release promo, it’s important to go over exactly what a release promo is and where you can presumably obtain the one associated with MTG Fallout.

How to Obtain This Promo

War Room

The release promo that was supposedly leaked for MTG Fallout is none other than War Room. In order to get a hold of one of these promos, typically, you can attend a launch party event near the set’s release. Launch Party events for Commander-focused sets, in general, require you to purchase one of the Precons to play with. These events are super casual and simply provide players with a convenient way to hang out and play Commander with friends at their local game store.

Presumably, things would work quite similarly to how they did with the release of the MTG Warhammer 40k and MTG Doctor Who crossovers. Players who purchased Precons and played at their local store were each given promos as a nice bonus. Players could receive multiple promos by purchasing and playing with multiple decks.

These promos aren’t usually worth a great deal of money, but this isn’t too surprising since the promos are essentially just being handed out amongst participants. Still, the promos are exclusively foil, and in some cases, can hold a bit of a price tag. In the case of MTG Warhammer 40k, the launch party promo was Fabricate. The Fabricate promo sits between $4 and $5, which isn’t too shabby.

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Reprint Value


According to TCGPlayer market price, War Room costs roughly $2 in its cheapest traditional form. This is a bit less than Fabricate, but definitely more than Past in Flames, which was the launch party promo for MTG Doctor Who. As such, even if War Room isn’t something to write home about, it’s still a bit of a potential upgrade.

Still, debuting only a few years ago, War Room has been reprinted a multitude of times. This includes printings in MTG Doctor Who, Commander Masters, and one of the Murders at Karlov Manor Precons. As such, War Room certainly won’t be breaking the bank.

Of course, given that this potential promo is a foil, extended art version with artwork specific to the Fallout environment, it could theoretically be worth a bit more. Neither the Fabricate nor the Past in Flames promos went for any significant amount of money more than normal, but neither of those cards received extended art treatment, so perhaps there’s a bit more room for War Room to grow.

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Powerful Reprint for Commander

Verrak, Warped Sengir

Even if War Room isn’t the most valuable reprint in the world, the card does serve an important role in Commander. War Room is a cool Land for Commander that works perfectly in colorless or mono-colored decks that don’t have overly stretched manabases. For colorless decks specifically, card advantage can be a bit hard to come by, and War Room provides a consistent flow of card advantage at very little cost. There’s a reason it was featured in the Eldrazi Unbound Precon for Commander Masters.

Unsurprisingly, according to EDHREC, most of the top Commanders that are commonly played alongside War Room are colorless. However, there are some multi-colored legends that work well with War Room, too. For example, Verrak, Warped Sengir allows you to copy abilities you control that require you to pay life. With Verrak as your Commander, you can now pay four life and draw two cards off of War Room whenever you activate it. All in all, War Room is a strong utility Land for EDH, and a nice MTG Fallout release promo, assuming the leak is indeed real.

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