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29, Jan, 24

New Exclusive MTG Promo Could Be Worth Thousands of Dollars!

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Every year, there seems to be more and more promo cards released. Last year, we saw our typical promo suite correlated with a range of different events, such as Store Championships and Regional Championships. However, there were tons of other promos featured throughout the year, including borderless anime promos that you could get at your local game store. It doesn’t seem like the slew of promos being released is going to slow down any time soon, either.

For instance, we already knew that there would be some intriguing promos exclusively at Magic Con Chicago. Magic Con Chicago is set to take place February 23-25 and notably, will feature Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor.

Speaking of exclusive promos and Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor, today, the participation card for the upcoming group of Pro Tours was announced, and it’s already got plenty of players talking. With very interesting artwork and a design that closely resembles the red-bordered Secret Lair cards from the recent Burning Revelations Secret Lair product, this card could go for a lot of money. Let’s take a closer look at the new card and how players can get a copy.

Red-Bordered Wrenn and Six!

Wrenn and Six

This red-bordered Wrenn and Six is likely going to be in high demand, but there won’t be that many copies around. That’s because this card is specifically given to participants at Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor and other Pro Tour and World Championship events in 2024. This is a very similar situation to what transpired in 2023 beginning with Pro Tour Philadelphia roughly a year ago, where participants received a unique Secret Lair-style version of Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

While it’s unclear exactly how many players will be attending Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor and beyond and therefore, how rare this version of Wrenn and Six will be, there were a little over 250 players at Pro Tour Philadelphia, for reference. Additionally, in a similar manner to Pro Tour Philadelphia, players who make the top cut at Pro Tours in 2024 will receive foil versions of Wrenn and Six with the same artwork and style.

One small difference, though, is that the top cut in this case will be top 32. For Pro Tour Philadelphia, for instance, only the top 16 players received foil variants of Jace. In this sense, foil copies of Wrenn and Six will be a little less rare. Still, as we will see, these cards are still likely to go for a big sum of money.

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Immense Price Potential

Jace, the Mind Sculptor

All things considered, Wrenn and Six is a pretty nice choice for a Pro Tour participation promo. Qualifying for the Pro Tour is an impressive achievement and deserves a promo of reasonable value. Traditional, non-foil copies of Wrenn and Six currently sit at roughly $28 according to TCGPlayer market price. This is even more than copies of Jace the Mind Sculptor, which have a price tag of just over $19.

That being said, these Pro Tour versions of Wrenn and Six will almost certainly go for a ton more. The reality is, the low supply for these cards is going to drive the price up more than anything. Just take a look at Jace, for example. Non-foil copies of Jace were selling for over $600 back in April. Even today, as more copies of Jace are in circulation, the non-foil version still has a market price of about $327. This is in spite of the fact that Jace sees minimal competitive play thanks to getting outclassed by cards like The One Ring. As a highly desirable card that sees plenty of Modern play, Wrenn and Six participation cards could go for even more.

Foils, on the other hand, will skyrocket even further in price. Supposedly, a foil copy of Jace from Pro Tour Philadelphia was sold at the Magic Con venue for $5500, which is truly an incredible price for a card nowadays. Given that Wrenn and Six is given to top 32 instead of just top 16, it probably won’t reach quite as high of a price point. Regardless, these foils will be hard to obtain and almost certainly worth a great deal.

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Player Reaction

From the look of things, it seems that most players are extremely excited about Wrenn and Six as the upcoming Pro Tour participation card. Tons of players are expressing their desire to own these cards which, if anything, showcases just how much demand there could be for such a small supply. This isn’t to say that everyone is a fan of this style, as some players are a bit down on the artwork, especially with how it would look by contrast in a deck with more typical card designs.

Some players have also pointed out that it’s a bit strange to see a wacky, red-bordered card be tournament legal while plenty of card alters may not be deemed as such. Either way, that’s more of an issue of the need for policy surrounding altered cards to be updated more than anything and doesn’t detract much from how much hype the new Wrenn and Six is receiving. It’s nice to see players fortunate enough to make it onto the Pro Tour get rewarded in this fashion.

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