16, Dec, 21

New MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Art Confirms Returning Fan Favorites

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Article at a Glance

Magic: the Gathering‘s newest set Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is set to start it’s previews soon. Today is our first preview stream with a look at some aspects of the set. Over the past few days, some hype has built up around the set from WPN stores getting their Promotional Posters and the Bundle Box Art showing up online. Well today, Wizards threw up another tidbit ahead of the preview stream on their Instagram to get people more hyped!

Wizards of the Coast

This is the still image of what’s on Instagram. It’s a gif on the post. But what we see here is a beautiful city scape of Kamigawa. Traditional Japanese style architecture combined with futuristic skyscrapers. What’s that flying through the city? It’s the dragons from the original Kamigawa sets! We see Ryusei, Jugan, Keiga, Kokusho, and Yosei. Whether or not this means that they are going to show up as individual cards, or if this is a spell that just pictures the dragons, we’ll have yet to see.

There were some cards that showed up online yesterday as well that, if they’re real, could hint at how the dragons could be used. One of the cards was a dual faced enchantment creature named Remnant of the Rising Star. We didn’t see the front side of the card, but it’s we could see a new version of the dragons.

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Make sure to stay tuned, as we’re going to be covering everything that Wizards talks about today during the preview stream at 2:30 PM PST! Also make sure to check out our hub to get all the info that we know about the set so far! What are you hoping to see in the stream today! Let us know in the comments!

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