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7, Jul, 22

NEW Fortnite Secret Lair Cards Revealed

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Article at a Glance

As always, Wizards of the Coast are pulling out all the stops with their recent Secret Lair drops. Whether it’s the Street Fighter Secret Lair drop or the Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks, these Universes Beyond products are always highly anticipated. The same is true of the Secret Lair x Fortnite crossover cards announced last August.

Following a trend from last year’s Arcane Secret Lair Drop, we have another exclusive reveal thanks to IGN. This has given us a look at almost all the cards included in the Secret Lair x Fortnite drops pair.

What’s Inside the Secret Lair X Fortnite Drop?

As with the previous Arcane and Innistrad: Crimson Vow Dracula crossovers, the Secret Lair x Fortnite collection only features reprints of existing cards. While they may sport different names on the top of the cardboard, they’re still the original version of the card when rules are concerned. The original name of the card is even included underneath the Universes Beyond name, so you don’t get confused.

Wizards of the Coast adopted this approach following the much-criticized Secret Lair x The Walking Dead collection. In this collection, WotC opted to introduce brand new, mechanically unique cards such as Negan, the Cold-Blooded. Unlike silver-bordered cards, the unique Walking Dead cards were playable in Eternal formats. This was a pressure issue since, as with all Secret Lair drops, The Walking Dead cards were only available for a limited time. Secret Lairs also couldn’t be adequately shipped worldwide, making the backlash worse.

Here’s a rundown of the seven revealed cards in the Secret Lair x Fortnite collection:

  • Battle Bus (Smuggler’s Copter)
  • Battle Royale (Triumph of the Hordes)
  • Crack the Vault (Grim Tutor)
  • Dance Battle (Dance of Many)
  • Shrinking Storm (Wrath of God)
  • Supply Llama (Etherium Sculptor)
  • The Cube (Planar Bridge)

Alongside this collection of rather enticing cards, IGN confirmed that they’ve also got their hands on a “secret” eighth card. Unfortunately, however, WotC has asked IGN to keep that one to themselves not to spoil the surprise. 

Wizards of the Coast will also release a Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations pack. As the name suggests, this pack features five full-art basic lands based on Fortnite’s iconic map locations. Similar to past land-based Secret Lair collections, this pack will feature six cards. These consist of one of each of the basic lands and the additional bonus card that is being kept secret for now.

Is It Worth It?

The Secret Lair x Fortnite collection will likely be priced at around $30-$40. This is so long as it follows the pricing trend set by previous Secret Lair drops. If this is the correct price for the Secret Lair x Fortnite collection, it could be a surprisingly effective way to get your hands on some sought-after cards.

By including some commander staples, the Secret Lair x Fortnite collection may be worth it from a purely financial perspective. Grim Tutor ($15), Triumph of the Hordes ($12), and Wrath of God ($5) all fetch a pretty penny and will justify much of the collection’s cost. Other cards, such as Etherium Sculptor ($0.25) and Smuggler’s Copter ($0.80), may not be valuable, but they look good at least. Who wouldn’t want to play a card with an exploding llama?

With full-art lands becoming remarkably commonplace, the Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations collection is less of an easy sell. Without any guarantee of financial return, you’ll only want to pick this drop up if you’re really into Fortnite or the fantastic artwork featured on the cards. 

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The total prices for both drops will be confirmed when the Fortnite x Secret Lair collection launches on the 21st of July later this month. Sales start at 9 am PT on the 21st. Make sure you’re there if you don’t want to miss out. Coincidentally the 21st of July is precisely a fortnight away from today.

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