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Murders at Karlov Manor Features New Rare Serialized Cards!

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Every year, it seems like there is more and more of an emphasis put on “booster fun” treatments of MTG cards. From cards with extended or borderless art to showcase cards that embody the sets they were designed for, there are tons of unique treatments cards can receive. Many of these different styles of booster treatments show up extra often in collector boosters. This provides players with the chance to open cards with intriguing artwork and designs, adding a whole new layer to collecting MTG cards.

Recently, we were given a first look at the first premier set of 2024: Murders at Karlov Manor. This sneak peek gave us the inside scoop on the cool murder-mystery set, showing off new spoilers as well as a brief preview of Ravnica: Clue Edition! One of the interesting changes that was featured in this overview was the introduction of play boosters. Taking the place of both set boosters and draft boosters, play boosters give players draftable product that can still show off some interesting booster treatments.

Specifically, slots number 13 and 14 will contain “wild cards” of varying rarity in non-foil and foil, respectively. These slots will show off some new booster fun treatment to help make this set even more special. Let’s take a closer look at all the new booster fun treatments available with the Murders at Karlov Manor MTG set.

Magnified Treatment

Via Wizards of the Coast

First up, we have cards that receive the Magnified booster fun treatment. These are specifically non-Creature cards from the set that show off specific moments from the story. Taking a close look and digging deep into the details is quite on-theme for a murder-mystery set, so this type of treatment makes a lot of sense. There’s even a reprint of the fun mana rock Magnifying Glass in the set, further showing off the vibes of the set.

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Ravnica City Cards

Next up, we have a handful of Ravnica City cards. These cards feature gorgeous artwork highlighting the guild leaders themselves. As the artwork above depicts, there is additional focus on the background of each card, meant to show off each character’s homeland. For those who enjoyed March of the Machine, this treatment is quite similar to the Planar booster fun from that set.

Much like how each rare or mythic rare legendary Creature from March of the Machine was available with that booster treatment, six guild leaders from Murders at Karlov Manor will receive a Ravnica City card treatment. Seven cards in total receive this type of treatment, though, with Niv-Mizzet being the final card.

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Serialized Versions

Aurelia, the Law Above

If that weren’t enough, there are also foil serialized versions of these seven cards. There will be 250 copies of each of these serialized cards, as you can see from the picture above. Importantly, serialized cards will only be available in Murders at Karlov Manor collector boosters. This means that the 13th and 14th slots in play boosters will not have these serialized variants. They can, however, feature non-serialized Ravnica City cards. If serialized versions of cards in the past are any indication, these could be worth a lot of money.

Showcase Dossier Treatment

Via Wizards of the Coast

A murder-mystery set wouldn’t feel complete without emphasizing the evidence needed to come to a reasonable conclusion. This leads us to another booster fun treatment showcased in Murders at Karlov Manor: Showcase Dossier treatment. Each Dossier card boasts a what looks almost like a white cut-out with a portrait of the character that is being analyzed.

The specific cards that receive Dossier treatment will likely help provide some added context to the storyline, especially when looking at the flavor text of some of these characters. For instance, Meddling Youths and Curious Cadaver both have descriptions about what makes each of them unique.

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Invisible Ink Versions

Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth

Similar to how Ravnica City cards had a handful of serialized versions to go along with the more common versions, some cards with the Showcase Dossier treatment are also available in a special invisible ink variant. These cards are visible from the right angle, but in certain angles of light, look completely different. This is a rather interesting spin on foiling.

The goal with this treatment is to let players uncover facts about the case. The invisible ink card depicted above, for example, has some additional white text, likely highlighting certain information. These cards are, once again, only available in collector boosters, while the typical Showcase Dossier cards can be found in play boosters. It’s unclear exactly how rare these cards will be in comparison to the serialized Ravnica City cards, but they could also go for big chunks of money.

Special Guests

Crashing Footfalls

Last but not least, we are getting more awesome reprints in the form of Special Guest cards. Special Guest cards are available in the same slot that cards from The List have shown up in the past. With The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, these were available in set boosters, but not in draft boosters. With the introduction of play boosters, these Special Guests will now be available even when drafting!

Slot number seven of play boosters has a chance of featuring a card from The List, including Special Guests. These Special Guest cards are also available in collector boosters. Notably, these cards are not Standard legal even though they can be opened in a Limited environment.

So far, we only know one reprint featured as a Special Guest in this set: Crashing Footfalls. Crashing Footfalls is a Modern staple. In a well-built deck in conjunction with three-mana Cascade cards like Shardless Agent, you can easily and reliably get yourself some Rhinos. Traditional copies of Crashing Footfalls only go for roughly $5 in their cheapest forms, according to TCGplayer market price, so this reprint isn’t super valuable, but it’s a nice reprint to have regardless.

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