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8, Dec, 22

Multiple New Thousand-Dollar MTG Cards Spoiled!

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Article at a Glance

Dominaria Remastered‘s whirlwind two-day spoiler season just ended, but a few more unrelated spoilers snuck in at the end of the season. Some of these were spoiled ahead of time, but have hit the secondary market in small quantities, sporting prices that are making headlines. Others are making the light of day just this morning, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that these cards may go for tens of thousands of dollars. Without further ado, here are the spoiled cards, and confirmed prices, that, for the most part, are breaking at least the three-digit mark, but mostly the four-digit one for MTG.

Ersta, Friend to All

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen this card in the wild. This WUBRG Planeswalker is part of the Heroes of the Realm printing. Basically, these are custom designed cards be members of various Wizards of the Coast teams that have their designs rewarded to them for doing a good job. These cards are named by each individual member who the card belongs to (Winona Nelson for this particular copy), and, according to the rules, these are Commander legal, but only for the person who is named on the card, making this card unplayable for the majority of the MTG community. Seeing how its Commander, however, it would be hard to imagine someone not allowing you to play a copy of one of these if the only thing stopping you would be that you bought it from someone who was named on the card.

There is no official price for many of the Heroes of the Realm cards, but there are not a lot of copies of these cards in existance. Sales for these cards are rare, but it is not uncommon for them to sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Considering the power level that this Planeswalker offers to the few who can play it, this price tag isn’t entirely surprising.

Byode, Inverse Sun

Owned by Dominik Mayer, Byode, Inverse Sun is another Heroes of the Realm card. This particular Commander has interesting synergies when using the Universes Beyond cards. As mentioned previously when talking about Ersta, Friend to All, this could go for thousands of dollars. Ultimately, all of these Heroes of the Realm cards will remain borderline unplayable cards that many in the community may dream of one day owning.

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Eternal Weekend 2022 Ponder


This card isn’t newly spoiled, but it does have a confirmed price that will knock your socks off. These promotional cards are only acquirable for players who top eight a Legacy Eternal Weekend tournament, of which there are only three. As a result, only 24 of these particular Ponders will ever exist.

One of these has sold in recent times, and the price was not completely unexpected. At the initial spoiling of these cards, we theorized that they would be worth at least $5000. We were a little off, since the ultimate price they sold for was $13,200 a pop. This, bizarrely, makes an Eternal Weekend top eight more valuable than almost any other MTG tournament, falling short only to the World Championships and the top two of the recent Arena Championships.

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Judge Foil Painter’s Servant

painter's servant

Legacy Painter players rejoice! There’s a new way to show off your bling in Mono-Red Painter, and its a Judge-exclusive foil spoiled recently! This is only the first of the new Judge Foils coming with the most recent batch, but the others have not yet been spoiled as of the writing of this article.

I don’t expect this card to break the four-digit mark, but the card should, at least, be worth a couple hundred dollars. Painter’s Servant got a huge price spike when it was recently unbanned in Commander. Nowadays, the cheapest price for a lightly played Painter’s Servant is around $75. There is a premium Kaladesh Invention version of Painter’s Servant that goes for about $175, and the quantity of cards for this premium printing will likely be even lower than the Invention’s print run.

Regional Championship Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

teferi, hero of dominaria

Those who managed to qualify for the Regional Championships each got a copy of the Teferi, Hero of Dominaria pictured above. Everyone got a non-foil copy, so there’s only a small markup on those at $50, with many listing the price as high as $100. Note that there have not been a lot of sales for this card, so that number may vary greatly.

The real conversation, however, comes when talking about the foil version of this promotional card. The promo Teferi, Hero of Dominaria’s offering varied by event, but they were incredibly exclusive. For the Canadian Regional events, they are only offered to the top 8, or those who qualify for the Pro Tour. The other regions should also adhere to one of those traits.

While there isn’t really any information of successfully sold copies of this card, early listings have the card going for more than $2000. Once again, there is not a ton of information on what these cards are actually worth so, if you’re one of the few looking to sell this card, you may want to consider coming up with an agreeable price between yourself and a seller at this point.

There’s More to Come

With the recent announcement of the Secret Lair Showdown tournaments, and the other promotional cards available for the Eternal Weekend, its easy to expect the introduction of more cards worth thousands of dollars in the future. With MTG’s apparent new approach to satisfy the collector’s market, it will be interesting to see if an oversaturation of rare cards will end up diluting the value provided by them. For now, however, these premium collectables, while amazing to look at and read, may remain out of reach for many MTG players.

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