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Multicolored Time Spiral Remastered Spoilers

If you fancy spicing up those boring single-colored cards then might we offer you these Multicolored Time Spiral Remastered spoilers?
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The final day of Time Spiral Remastered is here, and in this piece, we’re talking all about the Mulicolored previews.

We’ve been rather impressed with the set so far, and it’s got us wondering about what other remastered sets we could see in the future. If you’re not up to date with what’s been previewed so far, then you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got you covered with our spoiler section.

Now, with no more ado, here’s us jumping into the Multicolored Time Spiral Remastered previews.

Multicolored Time Spiral Remastered Previews

We do love a good gold card, and the fact that Sliver Legion is back making that truer than ever.

Firewake Sliver, Sliver Legion, and Dormant Sliver previewed by Wizards of the Coast

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Slivers will play a huge role in Time Spiral Remastered Limited and will be sought after archetype to Draft. Just remember, a lot of these Slivers have the ‘All Slivers have..’ typing which includes your opponent’s Slivers!

Going further, Sliver Legion makes for an excellent Sliver-matters general in Commander– especially if you want to overwhelm your opponents with lots of little, yet awkward creatures.

Multicolored Time Spiral Remastered Timeshifted Previews

Good gravy would you take a look at Bloodbraid Elf, it looks stunning with the old border.

Bloodbraid Elf previewed by PleasantKenobi // Abrupt Decay previewed by Yoshihiko Ikawa // Lavinia, Azorius Renegade previewed by M.Wakatsuki/aisha // Arcades, the Strategist previewed by Shivan Bhatt

For Modern Jund enthusiasts, Bloodbraid Elf and Abrupt Decay are excellent cards to see the timeshifted treatment. Since it’s unbanning in Modern, Bloodbraid Elf sees consistent play due to the power of Cascade. Arcades, the Strategist is one for the Commander players and provides an excellent option for those who want to attack with toughness as opposed to power.

Time Spiral Remastered is set to release for tabletop on March 19, 2021. Magic Online will also have a Time Spiral Remastered booster draft event, but it won’t be available on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

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