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Format Legality of Time Spiral Remastered Cards for Modern, Pioneer, and Other Formats Explained

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Time Spiral Remastered, the first-ever remastered Magic: The Gathering set made for tabletop play, is bringing some of the cards printed in the Time Spiral block (released 2006-2007), which consists of the sets Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight. In addition to the cards in the main set, there will also be a special sheet of “Time-shifted” cards with a special old school pre-8th Edition frame. Unlike Amonkhet Remastered and Kaladesh Remastered, this set will not be available on Magic: The Gathering Arena but there’s a Time Spiral Remastered Special Draft event in Magic Online.

If you’re wondering about the format legality of Time Spiral Remastered, here’s everything you need to know.

Is Time Spiral Remastered legal in Standard format?

Wizards of the Coast

Just like the other remastered MTG sets that came before it, Time Spiral Remastered will not be Standard-legal. However, in an episode of Good Morning Magic, Senior Magic designer Gavin Verhey teased that some of the reprinted time-shifted cards in Time Spiral Remastered are currently legal in Standard,

Good Morning Magic – YouTube

Is Time Spiral Remastered legal in eternal formats?

Time Spiral Remastered
Wizards of the Coast

As for eternal MTG formats like Modern, Pioneer, or Commander, the legality of cards in both the main set and special sheet of Time Spiral Remastered will depend on each card individually. Since this is set features reprinted cards, don’t expect any changes in where these cards can be played.

Can I use the Timeshifted cards in Time Spiral Remastered Booster Draft?

Wizards of the Coast

Each Draft Booster pack of Time Spiral Remastered will contain one time-shifted card. Even though the cards in the special sheet of the time-shifted cards are separate from the main set, they are still legal in Limited formats (Booster Draft and Sealed). Time Spiral Remastered is also designed for Booster Draft experience, so Wizards of the Coast intends to allow the use of time-shifted cards that they draft.

Note that the time-shifted sheet doesn’t contain any of the original time-shifted cards from the Time Spiral block. They all have the same rarity, and there are no planeswalker cards in the set.

You can check out the Time Spiral Remastered spoilers section if you want to know the cards in the set.

Time Spiral Remastered is set to release for tabletop on March 19, 2021. For more information about Time Spiral Remastered, click here.

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