2, Mar, 21

Red Time Spiral Remastered Cards Previewed

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Light a little fire under yourself with the first batch of Red preview cards from Time Spiral Remastered
Article at a Glance

Tuesday is a good day for Red, at least that seems to be the case going by the Time Spiral Remastered previews.

With Time Spiral Remastered being the first of its kind. We’ve never seen a paper remastered set before, and it’s going to be interesting to see what it does to the price of these cards, and it’ll also be nice to see new players messing around with an interesting draft format.

If you want to make sure you’ve seen all there is to see so far, then you should definitely check out our full spoiler section for Time Spiral Remastered.

Otherwise, let’s get into today’s feast.

Red Time Spiral Remastered Cards Previewed

The first cards out of the gate today are Wheel of Fate, Prodigal Pyromancer and, Jaya Ballard, Task Mage.

Jaya Ballard, Task Mage previewed by Commander’s Herald // Wheel of Fate previewed by Big Magic // Prodigal Pyromancer previewed by Gavin Verhey (Good Morning Magic)

Wheel of Fate is a nice reprint since it held a high price due to its effect in formats such as Commander. Going further, Jaya Ballard, Task Mage is a great Commander if you want to sling spells at your opponent’s face.

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Red Time Spiral Remastered Timeshifted Previews

If you’re in the market for some fancy border tweaking then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve got Dreadhorde Arcanist today alongside Anger of the Gods.

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death previewed by Commander’s Herald // Anger of the Gods previewed by Gavin Verhey (Good Morning Magic) // Goblin Engineer previewed by Big Magic // Dreadhorde Arcanist previewed by

Dreadhorde Arcanist may feel an odd inclusion since it’s banning in Legacy, but the Zombie Wizard does see play in Pioneer and Modern. Often you’ll see Arcanist feature in spell-based strategies such as Boros Feather and Izzet Delver. The same goes for Goblin Engineer, which sees play in Urza, Lord High Artificer strategies and, would be a great pairing with Goblin Welder in Commander.

Time Spiral Remastered is set to release for tabletop on March 19, 2021. Magic Online will also have a Time Spiral Remastered booster draft event, but it won’t be available on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

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